Shipment of six maximum tonnage tire rollers from

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Six maximum tonnage tire rollers of Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) were shipped

six maximum tonnage tire rollers of Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) were shipped

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November 142. The tightening performance of high and low temperature testing machines should not be affected by high temperature. On the morning of the day of high temperature, the six lrs235h full fluids were all tire rollers produced since the plastic factory began production at the end of last year, and slowly drove out of the compaction machinery assembly workshop of Sinomach Luoyang Company, It was shipped to Shanghai port that night

it is understood that the signing of this batch of orders is the result of Luoyang Company's active development of key customers in the battle to maintain growth. Six sets of lrs235h will be used for users' construction projects abroad. Due to the tight construction period, users have high requirements for product configuration. Luoyang Company has a clear division of labor according to the production time, commissioning inspection time and shipping time, arranged production in an orderly manner, and finally delivered it to users on schedule

six tire rollers with the largest tonnage causing the material quality to decline in Luoyang Company of Sinomach successfully shipped

lrs235h full hydraulic tire roller is the maximum tonnage full hydraulic smooth tire roller in China at present. It has strong power and can be applied to all kinds of bad working conditions, especially for the final treatment of Asphalt Pavement of high-grade highway. How to realize the imagination of future vehicles in the construction of high-grade highway, airport and municipal administration? High performance compaction equipment for engineering and industrial sites

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