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[kerkin · market] shipment list of heavy domestic six axis robots

[kerkin · market] shipment list of heavy domestic six axis robots

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original title: [kerkin · market] shipment list of heavy domestic six axis robots

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according to relevant data, the sales volume of industrial robots in China in 2017 was 141000, an increase of 58.1% year-on-year, Among them, there were 37800 domestic robots, with a year-on-year increase of 29.8%, and 103000 foreign robots, with a year-on-year increase of 71.9%. It can be seen that foreign brands still firmly occupy the dominant position in the market, and thanks to the overall rise of the market environment, domestic robot enterprises have also developed. Taking the six axis robot as an example, several major domestic manufacturers achieved certain growth last year

sales volume of enterprises evert 3000+ xinshida 2792 esston 2300 Shanghai Huanyan 2500 (welding + stamping) erbidi 1500 Qianjiang 1000+ Turing 1000+ (industrial robot) rationing 800 Dayan 700 Luoshi 200 (from July)

Table: list of shipments of domestic six axis industrial robots on behalf of enterprises (data comes from data processing)


relying on "independent innovation" and "overseas mergers and acquisitions" two wheel drive, After acquiring Italian painting robot enterprise CMA, Italian system integrator evolut in the field of metal processing and surface treatment, and investing in Italian robot core component manufacturer robox in the field of motion control, evert successfully acquired the industry-leading Italian automotive equipment and robot system integrator w.f.c group in 2017


in 2017, the six axis shipment of xinshida reached 2792 units, and its products are widely used in elevator, machine tool loading and unloading, photovoltaic and other industries. For robot manufacturers, the photovoltaic industry is a relatively new industry with 10 70X70X20mm cement mortar test blocks. Xinshida has also developed robots with smaller loads according to the characteristics of this field

Shanghai Huanyan

Huanyan is a strategic cooperative enterprise between the Robotics Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Automation Research Institute of Shanghai Second University of technology. At present, its market promotion in East China is relatively fierce. Huanyan robot has come to the market at a low price in the industry. All accessories are made in China. Compared with imported similar products, the price of its robot is about 40% lower

As one of the few industrial robot enterprises with core technologies and core components in China, Esther developed intelligent manufacturing system business through endogenous development and mergers and acquisitions, and acquired German m.a.i


erbidi robot began to develop, produce and sell industrial robots in 2009. So far, there are more than 20 types of robots, with 53 technical patents and 5 copyrights of computer software patents. It is one of the few domestic manufacturers with robot core technology

Qianjiang robot

since the marriage with aisda in 2016, Qianjiang robot has entered the fast lane of development. Last year, its sales exceeded more than 1000 units, an increase of 8 times over the previous year

Turing robot

Turing's robot software control research and development team is composed of professors and doctors from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the core R & D personnel all have master's degree or above from famous universities. At present, the main targets are SCARA robot and six axis robot. In 2017, the sales volume of Turing robots has exceeded 1000, mainly used in 3C industry

supporting robot

supporting industrial robot although we have been deeply involved in the layout of high-precision catheter processing technology in the whole industrial chain for many years, the form of the ontology is only for six axis robots (including cooperative robots), and other ontologies are not involved at all. two hundred and one "If you can print out catheters with specific geometry according to the specific 3D of individual patients, the sales target of the 6-year matching robot is more than 400, and the sales volume reached 800 in 2017, doubling.

Dayan robot

in 2015, Dayan began to develop robots, aiming at the 3C market and the extension of 3C. Last year, its six axis robot shipment was 700, and in the first half of this year, it has reached 500." Shipment volume

Luoshi robot

Luoshi has two main directions in the market. One is to expand local channels and develop integrators for ontology sales, and the other is to undertake industry production lines and other projects according to industry needs. In terms of body sales, since July last year, Luoshi has officially started selling six axis robots

it can be seen that several major six axis robot manufacturers in China achieved an increase in shipments last year, but it is worth noting that foreign robots accounted for 73.2% of the total market sales, 5.9 percentage points higher than last year. The road is blocked and long, and domestic robot enterprises still need to continue their efforts

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