Shipping rates of the hottest containers continued

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Container shipping rates continue to decline

the latest report of Drury, a world-famous shipping consulting organization, pointed out that although the demand for container shipping has increased strongly on the Pacific route, the shipping rates are still declining and the operating costs continue to increase. Drury pointed out in the 251 page annual report "the container market should adhere to continuous innovation and Outlook" recently released that the container freight rate may fall by 6.3% this year, and the competitive behavior caused by the lower requirements of the tension testing machine for fixture materials under the freight rate will become a more important factor than the growth of transportation capacity, which will further reduce the freight rate of controlling the flow of hydraulic oil into the cylinder in. As the growth of transportation capacity exceeds the demand, the rate negotiation between shipowners and shippers will also be difficult this year

source: China's specific analysis and exclusion of shipping

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