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Low voltage transformer protection box manufacturer Shishi

low voltage transformer protection box manufacturer Shishi

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Product Brand Yuli science and technology product model DMB production city Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province shipment City Yueqing City total supply 10000 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 1 unit of measurement product details

low voltage transformer protection box manufacturer Shishi

today's Yuli adheres to a high rise Point, high standard development ideas and management requirements, adhere to reform and innovation as the core, take the road of structural reform, strategic adjustment and institutional innovation, and achieve the fastest and most promising leap forward! All Yuli people are committed to the struggle concept of "innovative development", in-depth reform, continuous innovation, unity and integrity, and are determined to make unremitting efforts to develop tomorrow's Yuli into brand internationalization, industrial technology, management modernization and market globalization! Constantly strive to provide commodity inspection certificates for imported products. 3.5 the air switches, indicator lights, buttons, rotary heads and other operation and control and indication components in the distribution box and cabinet must have firmly fixed label frames and machine labels that do not cause allergy. 3.6 see the system diagram for the specifications and models of electrical components (please pay attention to various control requirements for swing angle, such as building automation, fire protection, ventilator, night scene lighting, sewage pump and general design description requirements). Please contact the designer if the specifications, models and controls of each component are unclear. Assembly wiring 4.1 the electrical appliances and instruments on the distribution box and cabinet should meet the requirements of arrangement spacing of electrical appliances and instruments. 4.2 all fasteners are galvanized. 4.3 the secondary wiring adopts black wire with casing for sequencing. The wire diameter of the experimental equipment is required to comply with the manufacturer's standard. 4.4 the wiring of layered distribution box should consider the access of trunk lines. 4.5 the wiring terminal of the switch shall match the cross section of the conductor. 4.6 wires with measuring instruments in distribution boxes and cabinets; For example, multi-core copper wires must be crimped with sleeves or noses, and tin lined. 4.7 the wiring of electrical appliances after installation must be arranged neatly. With silicon, it is easy to install and construct. ◎ the color system is diverse and the protective effect is good, which is suitable for a variety of places. ◎ it is used with pc08a protective corner head to prevent the corner from coming to children and make the park a safe and good place. ◎ it is applicable to the protection of the surrounding corners of the fire box and the transformer box. Due to the small width and area of the p0a protective strip, it will not make it difficult to open and close the transformer box door after sticking it. Safe and convenient

it can reliably protect the motor. The protection grade of the control box is ip51. It is made of cold-rolled sheet with thickness of 1.0mm and above, and sprayed with plastic inside and outside. According to the needs of users, it can provide a variety of component configurations and external dimensions. Common power supply: QN on, common power supply: QN on, QR off, after T1 delay, QN off, and then after T2 delay, QR on. After T1 delay, QR opening, and then T2 delay, QN closing. Note: QN common power supply; T1 opening delay, 0.5s, further optimization of enterprise innovation environment for 60s; T2 opening delay, 0.5s60s

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