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Sany Heavy Industry's "gold rush" in Africa

throughout the first ten days of May, a "Chinese wind" was blowing vigorously across Africa. It is Li Keqiang, the premier of the State Council of China, who has brought this "Chinese style" to Africa. His eight day trip to Africa has attracted great public attention. The six major cooperation projects between China and Africa, including the "Mombasa Nairobi high speed railway", also attracted public attention. From high-speed rail to aircraft under mild heating conditions (70oC), and then to infrastructure construction, Africa's role in undertaking China's economy is continuously highlighted against the backdrop of China's economic transformation and upgrading

obviously, Sany has already seized this opportunity. From the first equipment exported to Africa in 2002 to the end of 2013, more than 6000 Sany equipment appeared in Africa, which indicates that Sany has preliminarily completed its strategic layout in Africa, and its pace of internationalization. Businesses lack confidence in the later market and will further expand in depth

Africa, which accounts for about 20.1% of the total land area of the world, not only has rich resources, but also because its industrialization and urbanization are in the stage of rapid development, it is destined to become a competitive place for construction machinery enterprises in various countries

before the 1990s, the tide of infrastructure construction in Africa was surging. It was the same European, American, Japanese and Korean enterprises that could provide construction machinery products to Africa. Even if Chinese construction companies could get engineering orders, these Chinese construction companies often had to choose foreign products due to the lack of construction machinery enterprises that could compete with international giants at that time

since the 1990s, Chinese construction machinery enterprises have begun to take root and sprout. In particular, Chinese local enterprises led by SANY regard independent innovation as one of the company's core competitiveness, which has laid the foundation for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to move towards the world stage. The subsequent story also confirms the correct strategic choice of Sany

in China's local market, the rising Chinese construction machinery enterprises have gradually recovered their "lost ground". Although it has experienced many difficult times, the tug of war between Chinese construction machinery enterprises and foreign giants soon ended. Instead of the "tug of war", it is the "siege" of Chinese construction machinery enterprises step by step. After this battle, Chinese construction machinery enterprises have completely reversed the pattern of foreign brands dominating

at the same time, Chinese construction machinery enterprises are also "sailing to the sea", looking for new market highlights. Soon, the continent of Africa attracted many Chinese construction machinery enterprises who came to "search for gold"

with the help of Chinese builders, Chinese construction machinery products emerged in Africa in the mid-1990s. Many Chinese construction companies have tried to use domestic equipment in overseas construction. Since then, the proportion of domestic equipment has increased year by year. Since 2005, the proportion of domestic equipment purchased by Chinese construction companies has reached 50% every year, and increased to 70% in 2010. Even many foreign construction companies have begun to favor "made in China" construction machinery products. By the end of 2013, Sany had sold billions of products in Africa

Tasfaye ILMA Saab, Minister counsellor of the Ethiopian Embassy in China, believes that through cooperation with Chinese enterprises, Africa's own development capacity has been further improved. For example, Ethiopia and other parts of Africa have relatively weak infrastructure such as transportation, water conservancy and electricity, which has a long-term impact on economic development and the improvement of people's living standards. Chinese enterprises have built bridges and roads here, creating good conditions for the economic development of Ethiopia and opening up new markets for Chinese enterprises

leap from 1 to 6000

as a leading enterprise in the industry, Sany's first pumping product entered the North African market in 2002. This time, Sany saw the growth potential of the continent by "testing the water" in the African market

after years of layout, Sany Heavy Industry has formed two regional markets in the African market, "north and South". Markets in the north, including Algeria, Nigeria and Ethiopia, are managed by SANY North Africa, while markets in Angola and South Africa in the south are managed by SANY South Africa. The effect of such zoning management is obvious. In the past 12 years, the products exported by SANY to Africa have jumped from the initial one to 6000, ranking first among the products exported by Chinese construction machinery enterprises to Africa

in fact, as early as 2010, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, revealed that the company was about to deploy its strategic intention in Africa. Almost every new venue of the world cup in South Africa, which ended in July of that year, has the "credit" of Sany

Li Lei, general manager of Sany North Africa, told that Sany products have made great contributions to Africa's economic construction and the establishment of a first-class Chinese brand image. As before, Sany equipment has participated in many major projects in North Africa. Many Sany equipment can be seen on the Sika highway in Kenya, the tallest building in East Africa in Nairobi, the Merowe Dam in Sudan, the east-west highway in Algeria, the East-West coastal railway in Libya, and the 340 MW power station in gerugu, Nigeria

taking Algeria's East-West Expressway as an example, the investment amount of the project is more than US $6 billion, which is mainly undertaken by CITIC and China Railway Construction Corporation, and the East-West traverses 24 provinces and regions throughout Algeria. A total of more than 200 Sany equipment participated in the construction of the project. According to incomplete statistics, more than 30 land levelers, 30 mixer trucks, nearly 80 road rollers, and nearly 60 hoisting machinery, excavation machinery and other equipment participated in the construction

this phenomenon also occurs in South Africa. According to Xiao Jiang, general manager of Sany South Africa, from the perspective of the South African market, Sany equipment widely serves all major construction sites in South Africa, and its products cover a full range of Sany's main products, such as concrete machinery, excavation machinery, road construction machinery, hoisting machinery, piling machinery, etc

as Sany is well recognized in Africa and has made remarkable achievements, the heads of Sany's representative institutions in Africa - North Africa and South Africa and the first generation of the country have been cordially received by national leaders and important government officials at home and abroad for many times

do a good job in localization products, and the sales in 2013 increased by more than 50% year-on-year.

such excellent performance also continued into 2013. According to the statistical data of an industry station of China's construction machinery, in 2013, the company recently launched the latest moistureshield Pro covering decoration materials. The sales of Sany products in the African market increased by more than 50% year-on-year

Li Lei said that achieving excellent sales performance is inseparable from the efforts of all regions. This effort includes developing sales strategies suitable for each region. Relying on such strategies, North Africa and South Africa have achieved satisfactory results

according to Li Lei, one of these sales strategies is the "breakthrough method of large projects and large orders". This rule requires that front-line marketers from countries in North Africa must report large projects and orders from their countries to the regional headquarters at the first time. Then the regional headquarters will coordinate the domestic business departments and other departments to set up a special project team to concentrate advantageous resources for breakthroughs. In this way, last year, Sany won orders for 15 products in Algeria and more than 10 products tendered by the Tunisian government, with an amount of more than 100million yuan

of course, the most important thing that can make customers have a sense of trust is the excellent product quality of Sany. For construction machinery enterprises in the African market, the primary task is how to adapt their products to the geographical environment of Africa

the road conditions in Africa are bad, with potholes, steep slopes and winding roads. The climate is also different from that in China. The outdoor temperature is as high as 60 ℃ all year round. Ordinary products are easy to break down when driving in Africa. Products exported to Africa have higher requirements for quality and performance

in this regard, Sany has developed products and service models suitable for local needs through market research, such as hybrid motor graders and 12 ton single cylinder wheel rollers. At the same time, Sany attaches great importance to the construction of local service parts, and has built parts warehouses and service bases in many places in Africa. These measures have further won the recognition of customers

talking about the layout of Li Keqiang after his visit to Africa, Li Lei said that the overall infrastructure construction of countries in North Africa is still relatively backward, and the construction machinery market will continue to maintain a growth trend. This view was also confirmed at the 5th international infrastructure Summit Forum on investment and construction of medium and high-end stone plastic flooring, which mainly produces new SPC flooring and LVT flooring, held on May 8. At this forum, Denys denyA, executive vice president of the Export Import Bank of Africa, said that Africa faces many shortcomings in infrastructure development. To make up for these shortcomings, the average annual investment amount needs to reach $93billion in the next decade

from another perspective, this is good news. For Chinese construction machinery enterprises, this is a big opportunity. Perhaps, in the next decade, Chinese construction machinery enterprises will flourish in Africa

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