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Liang Wengen of Sany Heavy Industry: the dream of construction machinery of large self-employed enterprises

Liang Wengen of Sany Heavy Industry: the dream of construction machinery of large self-employed enterprises

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Guide: as the leader of Sany heavy industry with the largest number of teams on the list for two consecutive years, in the capital market, Liang Wengen is known as the hero of stock reform, leading Sany Heavy Industry to successfully sprint to the first share of China's stock reform. In the eyes of peers, He is known as an entrepreneurial hero. In just 20 years, the concrete made by SANY Institute

as the leader of Sany Heavy Industry with the largest number of team members on the list for two consecutive years, Liang Wengen is known as the "hero of share reform" in the capital market - leading Sany Heavy Industry to successfully sprint to "the first share of China's share reform"; In the eyes of his peers, he is known as the "entrepreneurial hero" - in just 20 years, the concrete pump truck manufactured by SANY has completely replaced imports, leaping to the first place in China, and its production and sales volume has ranked first in the world for many consecutive years; In the entrepreneurial team, he was regarded as the soul; In Liang Wengen's view, he is a "big self-employed" to the letter

a "big self-employed" with a sense of society

as Liang Wengen said, he is indeed a "big self-employed". First of all, he started from selling sheep and worked in wine and glass fiber. Up to now, he has established Sany group, which has many enterprises, such as Sany Heavy Industry, Sany international, Sany Heavy machinery, Sany automobile, Sany Heavy equipment, Hong Kong sunliheng, Sany communication and so on. As a core enterprise, Sany Heavy Industry covers an area of more than 1500 mu and employs more than 6000 people. It has become the largest concrete conveying equipment manufacturing base in China and an increasingly complete construction machinery industry base. Secondly, the dream is not big. Liang Wengen runs through his motto "mankind is great because of dreams". During his internship in Luoyang Copper processing plant, Liang Wengen threatened to set up a large enterprise such as Luoyang Copper processing plant - at that time, Luoyang Copper processing plant had tens of thousands of employees alone; At the beginning of entrepreneurship, he positioned Sany group as "a pilot field of private economy"

in the share reform of Sany Heavy Industry, Liang Wengen highlighted the true colors of "large self-employed" - a sense of history and society. In order to smoothly pass the share reform of Sany Heavy Industry, Liang Wengen changed the consideration scheme from "3 shares for every 10 shares and compensation of 8 yuan" to "every 1, you need to inspect the change of temperature, and 3.5 shares for every 0 shares and compensation of 8 yuan". According to the revised plan, non tradable shareholders need to pay a total of 21million shares of the company and 48million yuan of cash consideration to the tradable shareholders. The revised plan requires non tradable shareholders including Liang Wengen himself to pay an additional 3million shares, but in return, the share reform plan passed smoothly with a high approval rate of 93.44%, becoming the first share of China's share trading reform, The "Sany mode" of "share offering + cash + commitment" and "introduction of plan - Communication - modification of plan" have become the mainstream mode of share reform. When the financial tsunami swept through, Liang Wengen took the initiative to reduce his salary - only 1 yuan in 2009. On the other hand, Sany group said it would never lay off staff

Liang Wengen became a "large self-employed man" in the construction machinery industry from a sheep dealer. In addition to being influenced by the Huxiang culture of "worrying about the world first and enjoying the happiness of the world later", the strategic and tactical contribution of "stability first" is indispensable

"stability" comes first:

stable team + stable control + step by step injection of high-quality assets

the most concentrated embodiment of "stability" of Sany group is its united and stable senior management team. The nine member board of directors is the highest decision-making level of Sany group, and its prototype is "Liang Yuanmao Tang" - Liang Wengen, Yuan Jinhua, Mao Zhongwu, Tang Xiuguo, who Liang Wengen met when working in Hongyuan Machinery Factory. In 1985, the four people resigned with the ideal of creating a first-class enterprise. Until 1986, Lianyuan Maotang welding material factory, the predecessor of Sany group, was established, and the business began to get on track. Wang zuochun, Xiang Wenbo (blog), Zhou Fugui, Yi Xiaogang, Zhao Xiangzhang and other five people joined with the development of Sany

nowadays, the nine member board of directors based on "Liang Yuan Mao Tang" has become one of the core competitiveness of Sany group. Why can Liang Wengen lead this iron army to attack cities and seize land in China? This can be seen from the equity distribution of Sany group in 1994. In 1994, Liang Wengen convened yuan, Mao and Tang to discuss the issue of clarifying the property rights of their two companies, and began their first equity distribution in the past 10 years. Contrary to most enterprises' infighting, it took less than 10 minutes from Liang Wengen's announcement of the plan to its adoption. Liang Wengen's plan is that the equity of Lianyuan material factory is 21% for Liang and Tang, 20% for Mao and yuan, 11% for Zhai Dengke, 5% for Wang zuochun, 1% for Xiang Wenbo and 1% for Zhou Fugui; Changsha Sany was still in negative equity at that time, with Liang Wengen accounting for 56%, Tang, yuan and Mao accounting for 8%, Xiang Wenbo 7%, Zhou Fugui 12%, and Wang zuochun 1%. "No one raised an objection. Everyone felt that President Liang could not be too much even if he accounted for 50% of Lianyuan material factory. He didn't care about the interests of Lianyuan factory, especially in Changsha." Tang Xiuguo and Wang zuochun both said so

after Yi Xiaogang joined, Liang Wengen gave 2% of his shares to Yi Xiaogang. On the other hand, Liang Wengen can also use a soft brush to gently brush away the magic weapon of establishing a stable entrepreneurial team, which is to let them do their best, always maintain their fighting spirit, and maximize their life value. The most typical is Xiang Wenbo. Xiang Wenbo, the CEO of Sany Heavy Industry, has always been outspoken and good at speaking. He is known as the "business card" of Sany, especially in the bombardment of "Carlyle's acquisition of XCMG". On the "Carlyle XCMG" incident, Liang Wengen also expressed his support for Xiang Wenbo: "Comrade Wenbo is a party member and an insider, and he knows this thing. Failing to report information is the same crime as failing to save at the sight of death." In addition to Xiang Wenbo, in recent years, he has sent Wang zuochun, Yuan Jinhua and Mao Zhongwu to Shanghai, Kunshan and Shenyang respectively, letting them take charge of their own affairs, rekindling their fighting spirit, and promising that some business sectors can be listed independently and continue to grow

Liang Wengen's "stability" is also reflected in always firmly grasping the control of Sany. Within the senior management team of Sany group, there are strict restrictions on the transfer and sale of equity. The equity in the hands of directors cannot be freely controlled, and no one can handle their own shares on their own. After the listing of Sany Heavy Industry, Liang Wengen announced more than once that he would not give up control of Sany. When the market fell from 6124 points to 2695 points, the major shareholders of Sany announced on the contrary that since June 19, 2008, since the acoustic muffler measurement method gb/t4760 (1) 995 is willing to remain locked for two years; It is promised that if the share price is lower than 55.76 yuan within two years from June 17, 2008, it will not be reduced through the secondary market. As of April 7, 2009, Liang Wengen directly held 58.24% of the equity of Sany group, firmly controlling the actual control of Sany Heavy Industry

the stable senior management team and unshakable absolute control make Sany group always run on the track of Liang Wengen's dream of construction machinery, and go wider and wider on the road of specialization. In 1993, real estate, stocks and health care products became hot spots for investment. Liang Wengen still focused on heavy industrial machinery products and always positioned his main business as the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry with the theme of "Engineering". At present, Sany group has fully entered the field of construction machinery manufacturing. The leading products are construction machinery, pavement machinery, excavation machinery, piling machinery, hoisting machinery, non excavation construction equipment, port machinery, wind power equipment and other products

in addition, in the capital operation of Sany group, Liang Wengen also highlights the style of doing business step by step and playing steadily. Since it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 3, 2003, Sany Heavy Industry has chosen the capital gradual strategy of incubating high-quality assets through its parent company, and then injecting them into listed companies and splitting them for listing. After the share reform, Sany group continuously injected its main business related businesses and assets, such as excavator assets and 100% equity of Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., into listed companies to strengthen its main business. On April 7, 2009, Sany Heavy Industry announced that according to the commitments made by Liang Wengen, the actual controller of Sany Heavy Industry, and sany group, the controlling shareholder in 2007, the company plans to start the acquisition of all assets and businesses of Sany Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the main business is the production and sales of truck cranes) and Hunan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the main business is the production and sales of engineering vehicles and chassis). Compared with the development mode of Zoomlion, a competitor in Changsha, which expanded its scale by acquiring mature assets, it is more stable. Zoomlion has been making large-scale acquisitions. It has successively acquired the environmental sanitation machinery of British baolujie, Hunan Machine Tool Plant, the bid winning Industrial Company, Shaanxi Xinhuang Industry Co., Ltd., Huatai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Italian concrete machinery company CIFA, Xincheng hydraulic company, as well as the reorganization of Puyuan engineering machinery company, Hunan car factory, etc

under the United and stable senior management team and the strategy and tactics characterized by "stability", Sany group's business has achieved sustained and stable growth. Now, "Sany" is the first brand in China's concrete machinery industry, ranks among the top three in the world, and is known as "China's pump King" in the industry. Even in 2008, when the financial tsunami swept through, Sany continued its previous growth, achieving sales of 20.9 billion yuan, an increase of 56.6% over the previous year; In 2009, Sany group achieved a sales revenue of 30.6 billion yuan, of which the main revenue of Sany Heavy Industry exceeded 12.7 billion yuan (the first three quarters of 2009). In sharp contrast, from September 2008 to the end of 2009, affected by the financial tsunami, the performance of domestic and foreign construction machinery giants fell sharply compared with the same period of the previous year, of which Carter fell 41%, Komatsu fell 47.2%, Volvo fell 45% and Hitachi fell 43.4%

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