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Basic knowledge of remote control floating ball valve

the curved arm and floating ball brake control the liquid level of the water tower or pool, which is simple to maintain, flexible and durable, with high accuracy of liquid level control, the water level is not disturbed by water pressure, and the opening and closing is tight without water leakage

the main feature of floating ball valve is that the ball has no support shaft, and the ball is clamped by two valve seats in a "floating" state. It is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the direction of medium flow on the pipeline. Nearly 50% of the products of Honeywell, the main manufacturer of floating ball valve, are devoted to the structural features of energy-saving and environmental protection, such as valve seat sealing design, reliable inverted seal valve sealing rod, fire-proof and electrostatic function, automatic pressure relief and locking device

floating ball valve is applicable to: chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy, and other industries, as well as long-distance natural gas transmission pipelines containing hydrogen sulfide media, many impurities, and serious corrosion

the main structural characteristics of floating ball valve are:

1 The valve is equipped with open and close position indication

2. Locking device

3. Anti flying structure of valve rod

4. Anti static device

5 Fireproof structure

6. Unique valve seat sealing structure

7. The middle flange (the valve body and the first end of the left connecting rod are movably connected to the upper body connection part of the eccentric plate) has no leakage. "This kind of COPV is the first large-scale project structure built after we convert the nanotube yarn into composite materials.

the floating ball valve is divided into ordinary carbon steel series (wcb&a105), stainless steel series (304316) and low temperature steel series (LCB, LCC) based on the shell material according to different use requirements ; Sulfur resistant series, etc

floating ball valve is suitable for general industrial use

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