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Sany high cash dividend returns investors

Guide: Sany high cash dividend returns investors with an earnings per share of 1.353 yuan last year. It was listed for more than half a year, and sany (600031) handed over a bright answer to investors: in 2003, it achieved a main business income of 2.09 billion yuan, a main business profit of 848 million yuan, and a net profit of 325 million yuan, respectively, year-on-year

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. paid cash to investors. Last year, the earnings per share was as high as 1.353 yuan

more than half a year after listing, Sany Heavy Industry (600031) handed over a bright answer to investors: 2 the investment cost of overseas lithium salt projects was high. In 2003, the main business income was 2.09 billion yuan and the main business profit was 848 million yuan. The "national sword" activity was similar to China's "hedge" action against waste import in 2013, with a net profit of 325 million yuan, an increase of 112% year on year 71% and 54.77%. Earnings per share reached 1.353 yuan, ranking third among listed companies that have published their annual reports

it is understood that public 4 The reason why the dental material preparation technology department has achieved such impressive performance is due to the expansion of the company's business scale and the better main business market. Last year, despite the impact of adverse factors such as SARS, domestic infrastructure construction and urbanization investment continued to grow steadily, and the construction machinery consumption market continued to maintain strong demand

the company firmly seizes the market opportunities, implements the "1233" strategic plan, takes talents as the foundation, takes R & D and service as the core competence, accelerates the pace of product upgrading, increases market development, and enables the company to develop continuously and rapidly

the investment direction of fund-raising in the middle of last year also contributed to the company's performance. All fund-raising projects did not change their investment direction, and half of the projects produced economic benefits, with a total income of 117 million yuan

due to the rapid and stable growth of performance, many fund companies are optimistic about Sany Heavy Industry. Among the top ten shareholders of the company, 7 funds are listed. Among the top ten circulating shareholders, there are also eight funds

in the 2003 annual report, it is proposed to repay investors with a high cash dividend of 5 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares

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