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Sany Heavy Industry: integrate into the local area to make "going out" more gorgeous

Sany Heavy Industry: integrate into the local area to make "going out" more gorgeous

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on May 11, at the first China independent brand Expo held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, Sany group appeared as an enterprise in the medium and high-end manufacturing field of Hunan Pavilion, showing the unique charm of "big country and heavy equipment"

Li Ping, director of the light textile division of the industry department of the national development and Reform Commission, visited the Sany booth

in the exhibition area of Hunan Sany Heavy Industry, Zhao Hui, brand director of the brand management department of the president's office of Sany group, said that in the industrial sector, China's related industries have been partially ahead of the world, including the automotive industry, shipbuilding and equipment manufacturing, of which equipment manufacturing is the best among the three sectors, because China has strong core technology

Sany exhibition should comprehensively consider the cost of experimental machines. Zhao Hui stressed that construction machinery has been deeply cultivated for 30 years. Taking Sany Heavy Industry as an example, many technologies are not only leading in China, but also top in the world

to do a good job of Chinese independent brands, we need to go abroad and go to the world. Zhao Hui said that Sany Heavy Industry has long deployed overseas markets, including the United States, Germany, India and Brazil. As early as 2006, Sany entered the Indian market. More importantly, the management team is completely "localized", from employees to "top leaders" are all local people, so that Chinese brands are well integrated with local culture. Sany is not regarded as an outsider, but "its own"

Zhao Hui, brand director of brand management department of Sany group, was interviewed

in the process of going global, Sany, like other Chinese enterprises, has also gone through a lot of bending tensile testing machines as electronic products. Zhao Hui said that at the beginning of going out, Sany spread engineering plastics around the world, which is currently a typical representative of high-molecular materials, and spread out its stalls. But soon the problem came, because after-sales couldn't keep up, and some spare parts took a month to arrive, which seriously affected the customer experience. Later. Sany has designated ten regional centers around the world. Through the intensive supply and after-sales of regional centers, the rapid arrival of target areas has been achieved and the problems have been solved

Zhao Hui introduced that as a representative of high-end manufacturing industry, the appearance of Sany group attracted great interest from the audience. Unlike most exhibitions, 80% of this exhibition is presented through information technology

the audience is operating the Sany excavator model

at the Sany group booth, we can see that the online publicity of the six big characters of "quality changes the world" is particularly eye-catching. Below the big characters, there is the scene of Sany equipment participating in the rescue of Japan, Chile and Wenchuan, reflecting "great love for Sany". On the side of the LED screen, enterprise promotional videos are rolling to introduce the development process of Sany and a series of achievements made in recent years. In addition, due to the limited space, various Sany equipment can not be displayed on site, so they have sent a "mini version" - Sany equipment model to show their style

according to Zhao Hui, with the synchronous recovery of domestic and foreign economies, as a leading enterprise of construction machinery, Sany mining machinery, concrete machinery, lifting machinery, piling machinery and other products have achieved strong growth, and the market share has continued to grow. At present, the business quality of the enterprise has reached the highest level in history. With the "the Belt and Road" initiative, the brand image and influence of Sany have been further improved globally

in 2017, Zhang Dejiang, former chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, visited Sany Changsha Industrial Park and praised Sany as a business card of China; Sany is the only construction machinery enterprise on the list of the top 50 influential enterprises of the "the Belt and Road" selected by the state for the first time, as well as the "most appreciated Chinese companies" of fortune in 2017

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