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Printing hometown snubbed the Printing Museum

10 yuan, which is the average one-day ticket income of China Printing Museum, the world's largest printing Museum. Due to the geographical location ----- associate researcher huguanghong of Shanghai Jiaotong University is remote and highly specialized, and many other reasons, although the exhibits are rich, less than 4000 visitors come to the China Printing Museum every year

the China Printing Museum is located in the Beijing Institute of printing near Huang Village, Daxing County, and was completed on June 1st, 1996. According to curator Zhang of the museum, the construction area of the China Printing Museum is 5900 square meters, which is divided into the source ancient Museum, the modern museum and the new technology and equipment Museum. At present, there are about 24000 kinds of exhibits

"it's definitely not the problem of insufficient exhibits." Referring to the reason why there were few visitors, curator Zhang said that the Printing Museum has rare copies of ancient engraving and movable type printing; High quality books, picture books, paintings, trademarks and securities with modern convex, flat, antique, collotype, concave, hole printing and woodcut watermarks; It introduces the process equipment, equipment and prints of concave, convex, flat and hole printing categories; There are various equipment and materials to show modern domestic and international new printing technologies. The audience can also carry out simple operations of engraving and silk printing by hand

the seventh world printing conference will be held in Beijing in May this year. In order to welcome the visits of delegates from all countries, the underground exhibition hall of the printing museum will be completed and the power will be connected. At that time, people can also see the printing presses of all ages rotating in the exhibition hall

curator Zhang said that compared with some famous international printing museums, such as the Gutenberg Printing Museum in Germany, we far surpass them in terms of the quality, quantity and exhibition area of exhibits, but the Chinese Printing Museum has less than 4000 visitors a year, while the Gutenberg Printing Museum has more than 100000 visitors a year, which is nearly 30 times that of the Chinese Printing Museum

curator Zhang believes that the main reason for the low number of visitors to the China Printing Museum is the geographical location. In addition, strong professionalism and insufficient publicity of the museum itself are also one of the reasons. At present, the annual 300000 yuan appropriation received by the Printing Museum from the state, after deducting the salaries of all employees, is very little left, and most of the visitors are printing houses. "Paul Gallen, head of the automotive industry of the national composite center, said that industry colleagues and students of the printing school are free of charge, so a 5-yuan ticket can only be sold twice a day on average

a staff member of the Museum Department of the State Administration of cultural relics of China said that as a social public welfare undertaking, museums mainly rely on state funding, rather than commercial profits such as tickets. Social museums rely on social sponsorship, and museums in developed countries in the world also rely on the above methods to raise funds. For museums, after all, social benefits come first. (maduosi)

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