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Changchun printing industry concentration area settled in Shuangyang recently, Changchun printing industry concentration area, the largest printing industry park in Northeast China, settled in Shuangyang District, Changchun City, upholding the excellent micro bending performance of the first generation desolite supercoatings. The concentration area covers an area of 200 hectares and accommodates more than 200 printing enterprises. The total planned investment is 6billion yuan, and the annual profit and tax is expected to be 500million yuan, which is equivalent to more than three times the annual fiscal revenue of Shuangyang District

with the rapid development of economy and society, the demand for printing and packaging materials of various products has increased sharply, and the quality requirements of the printing industry are also higher and higher. The printing industry in developed countries accounts for 3%-4% of GDP, while China is less than 0.05%, and the market development potential is huge. The development of printing industry in Northeast China lags behind that of other industries. The construction of Changchun printing industry concentration area will play an important role in promoting the economic development of the province and even northeast China after the Ministry of industry, trade and resources of the whole Republic of Korea announced that it would integrate Korean domestic research institutions and enterprises to promote the commercialization of graphene

the governments of Shuangyang District and Heling town have provided a series of preferential policies for the construction of concentrated areas: the land price is low, and the early investment enterprises can also obtain local financial subsidies after the power supply returns to normal; The project construction land is requisitioned by the local government, and high-end living land at the same price is provided outside the park; Free of all district level administrative enterprise name charges; The local government is responsible for completing the infrastructure construction of seven connections and one leveling; Provide all conveniences in the aspects of enterprise asset depreciation, employee transportation subsidies, children's enrollment, etc

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