The hottest printing group gathered in Huangshan,

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Recently, more than 100 elites in the domestic printing industry gathered in Huangshan, Anhui Province, a scenic spot, to jointly attend the high-end printing user exchange held by Kodak here to feel the development trend and business model of the industry in the era of the intersection of traditional printing and digital printing

according to Kodak executives, Kodak held this exchange meeting not only to thank Kodak for its strong support for Kodak printing products over the years, but also to understand customer needs in order to provide more professional services. This event also provided a rare experience exchange platform for the elites in the printing industry. During the exchange session, the guests had an extensive exchange of views and discussions on the future development trend, industry application and business model of the printing industry. The brilliant views and opinions of the elites are a beneficial sharing and promotion for the Chinese printing industry to be put into use in the second half of 2019

with the rapid development of China's economy, the printing market has also increased sharply. Relevant reports show that China's current printing market annually consumes cast aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine, which can test the mechanical properties of cast aluminum alloy raw materials and related product parts at a cost of $3-4, while developed countries are more than 10 times that of China. Therefore, China's printing market still has great room for development in the next few years

in recent years, with the change of economic structure in the new era, short edition, fast, efficient and personalized printing, which is mainly used to detect the mechanical properties of three materials, has grown rapidly, and the publication of short edition books has seen an explosive growth. On demand printing can not only store all the publishing information of books in the computer system, but also print them directly when needed, eliminating the intermediate links such as plate making. It can truly print a book as soon as it is printed, and it can also meet many personalized needs of customers, and make a customized version printing scheme for customers, so as to help publishers and printers maximize their interests. Personalized digital printing will become a major direction of the future development of the printing industry. How to meet the personalized needs of users and provide users with faster and more convenient personalized services will be the focus of printing service providers

since Kodak made the strategic decision to fully enter the digital field in 2003, after several years of efforts, Kodak has successfully become one of the world's most advanced providers of imaging, color and printing technology solutions. At present, Kodak graphic image group's products and services participate in the manufacturing of 40% of the world's commercial printing volume, which can provide industrial users with innovative printing solutions including traditional printing, digital printing, or a combination of both; At the same time, it provides the famous integrated workflow, commercial workflow, color workflow and document image management workflow in the industry

from traditional printing to digital printing, Kodak has explored and gained more and more in the field of digital printing, and has been increasingly recognized by customers. From pre press digital plate making, to digital printing, to process management, and then to post press digital scanning and post press services, Kodak firmly takes scientific and technological cooperation as a priority field of cooperation in every aspect of digital printing, firmly grasps all core technologies in its own hands, and is equipped with the ability to provide a complete set of digital printing solutions, which can meet customers' requirements for process The integration of efficiency and service expansion

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