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The printing exhibition is full of stars because of the fragrance of Chinese printing "cake"

at the end of the year, all walks of life began the critical moment of the year. Standing at the end of the year, looking back on 2013, the changes in China's printing market are better than those in previous years. Under the momentum of overall stable development, due to the complex and volatile international environment, various events emerge in endlessly. For this reason, CPP114 brings you a series of articles on annual inventory. With you, I will savor the most unforgettable people and things in the industry. Talking about the printing exhibition in 2013, the five-day Second China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (Print China 2013) in Dongguan in April and the fourth China International all print exhibition in Shanghai in November are the two most influential exhibitions

print China 2013: International Printing Exhibition guests gathered

from April 9 to 13, the four-year prizwj-0350 cantilever impact testing machine, digital impact testing machine, plastic impact testing machine technical parameters: NT China ushered in a historic second performance in Guangdong Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center

statistics show that the total number of exhibitors at home and abroad has reached nearly 1200, with a total exhibition area of 120000 square meters, and the total number of professional visitors and buyers at home and abroad will exceed 120000. The scale of the exhibition has jumped to become the largest printing exhibition in China and the second largest printing exhibition in the world after drupa in Germany. It has become the world's largest printing industry event with the most regional coverage and industry influence in 2011

Heidelberg, Manroland, gaobao, Komori, boster, HP, Kodak, Canon, Agfa, Epson and other world-class manufacturers of printing equipment and equipment from all over the world gathered in China to appear at the exhibition, and participated in the grand event with a number of domestic well-known printing machine enterprises, such as Shanghai Electric, Beiren group, Beida founder, lucky erjiao, Han's Guanhua, Duoyuan printing machine, Sino German group, Lianqiang group and so on. It has become a great attraction of this exhibition

according to the thorough investigation of the organizing committee, the on-site trading volume of this printchina exhibition has reached at least 5billion yuan. In the state of Heidelberg mortal, many international enterprises such as gaobao, Komori, Kodak, etc. have said that their sales exceeded their expectations, setting a new record for signing contracts at the exhibition

the fourth all Print Exhibition: the printing annual meeting is a happy gathering for the whole family

the all print exhibition in November is like a big annual meeting of the industry. Everyone wants to show their faces on it and warm up the publicity and sales of the next year. We have to adopt the special die created by ourselves. At the all print exhibition, the boss of a domestic enterprise described it this way

from November 14 to 17, the fourth China International All India exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. There were more than 50000 visitors from 99 countries, including nearly 4000 overseas visitors, setting a new record in the history of the exhibition. Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group, beiren group, Han's Guanhua, Lianqiang group, Beida founder, Jiangsu Changsheng, lucky Huaguang, Lianqiang group, Tianjin evergreen, Baochi, precision DA and other domestic famous enterprises, in the joint exhibition of gaobao, Komori, tks, Mitsubishi, Fuji Xerox, Kodak, Konica Minolta and other international enterprises, the performance is still eye-catching. Among them, Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group takes advantage of the geographical advantage. With a booth area of more than 2000 square meters, it has become the largest exhibitor of this all printing exhibition, bringing a series of fine color activities such as the unveiling ceremony of the high-speed ws-d1000 book and magazine web offset press and the universal 75 web offset press to the exhibition

the triennial all print exhibition has been a grand event in China's printing industry since its first holding. This exhibition has not only provided a good opportunity for printing machine enterprises to display international new equipment and technology, but also become an excellent exchange platform for many exhibitors and exhibitors to consult the development trend of the industry, technology development trend and market change direction

it is worth mentioning that many new exhibitors also appeared in this exhibition, and more and more private enterprises entered this industrial chain to bring equipment or equipment products to the market

no wonder Mr. panxiaodong, an industry expert, said in his article that the all print exhibition is a perfectly organized exhibition

review and comments on the exhibition: the market is attractive.

review the printing industry exhibition in 2013. In addition to these two influential printing exhibitions, dozens of professional exhibitions, such as South China Printing Exhibition, Hong Kong printing and packaging exhibition, Shanghai international printing and packaging paper exhibition, Ningbo PPI corrugated box exhibition, Longgang printing industry exhibition, Beijing international box exhibition, have also brought a grand procurement exchange event to the industry

from this year's exhibition activities, the author can clearly feel that exhibitors and buyers from developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan are obviously active in previous years. China's printing market is attracting high attention from the global printing industry. In the shock of the global post economic crisis, the Chinese market still maintained stable and rapid growth, and the printing industry also performed well among its international counterparts, showing a strong trend of dominance

the influx of international merchants and the extraordinary popularity of professional exhibitions, in the final analysis, is because the cake of China's printing market is particularly fragrant. Data show that in 2010, the total output value of China's printing industry reached 130billion yuan, ranking third in the world. China has surpassed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world after the United States. The attractive business opportunities in China's printing market make China the next main battlefield for international printing businesses

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