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Printing holographic anti-counterfeiting solves the problem of cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting

in 2013, a series of reports on tobacco packaging and advertising:

in May 2013, the national health and Family Planning Commission proposed to amend the advertising law and relevant laws and regulations, and prohibit tobacco advertising in all media. Tobacco placement advertising will be rectified

on May 31, 2013, the theme of World No Tobacco Day is: ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship

in July 2013, the head of the national health and Family Planning Commission disclosed in public that the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council had included the formulation of national tobacco control regulations in public places in the 2013 three categories of legislative plans

in the next two years, China's cigarette packs will take off their beautiful clothes, align with terrorist packaging, expand the area occupied by warnings, increase the font of warnings, and enhance and improve the warning effect of tobacco hazards

tobacco advertisements are repeatedly rejected, advertising channels and fields are becoming narrower and narrower, and advertising forms are restricted

the publicity area and space that the cigarette bag surface can exert the brand effect have been repeatedly squeezed and reduced

in the face of various restrictions, how can China develop more border paths in the direction of cigarette packs

how to make the cigarette box packaging still have the charm coat, away from terror

how to convey the brand and highlight the culture through 1% of the area

how to attract consumers' attention and favor through the design of cigarette packs, which has increased more than 10 times in 15 years

recently, in the frotec-2013 Symposium on tobacco development trends held in Changsha, Hunan Province, in response to the above problems, the holoart small and full concept proposed by the reflective material factory of Shenzhen University attracted much attention

then, we made a brief interview with zhouronghui, director of reflective material factory of Shenzhen University, and learned that laser holographic anti-counterfeiting may provide some solutions for tobacco packaging. She said: among the solutions in China, Chinese tobacco enterprises increasingly favor the unique anti-counterfeiting and artistic dual value of laser holographic positioning iron anti-counterfeiting logo (hereinafter referred to as holographic logo). It can not only build barriers through holographic anti-counterfeiting technology to resist and crack down on counterfeiters, but also well convey the tobacco brand and product culture through 1% beautiful appearance to solve the above problems

will holographic anti-counterfeiting technology promote a new round of packaging revolution in Chinese tobacco

what is the secret of holoart's small and full concept

this is because 3. When installing the experimental gearbox, the low-carbon steel deforms greatly without cracking when under pressure, trying to interpret it for you

at the frotec-2013 Symposium on tobacco development trends, the small and full concept of holoart was regarded by Chinese tobacco enterprises and on-site participants as the most simple, effective and exclusive concept that directly meets the core needs of cigarette packets. Fundamentally, in order to break through the advertising restrictions of tobacco anti-counterfeiting packaging and cigarette boxes, it proposed a way to solve the dilemma of cigarette packet anti-counterfeiting and advertising

The definition of "small" in the concept of "small and full" is:

the area should not only be small, but also the effect should be four or two kilos

the publicity area of the brand displayed on the surface of the cigarette bag has been reduced again and again, which is a trend and a necessity

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