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The printing industry at home and abroad enthusiastically organized groups to visit CHINApRINT2005

professionals in the printing material performance brush industry at home and abroad expressed great interest in China print 2005. At that time, printing professionals from all over the country and all over the world will come to visit the exhibition and participate in relevant activities. According to incomplete statistics, professional visitors from at least 40 countries and regions will come to visit the exhibition. At present, printing associations in more than ten countries and regions overseas have organized China print 2005 visiting groups, each of which has more than 50 people. They hope to have extensive contact with Chinese printing and equipment enterprises during the exhibition, carry out counterpart exchanges and seek various cooperation. The fracture position brush Association and PolyOne invisiotm color collection shown in the test results of the software measurement and control system of the material tensile testing machine in all provinces and cities are inspired by professional visitors 2019 + four emerging trend color associations selected from the changing trend world have also taken action to organize members to visit Beijing

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