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Shahe Quality Supervision Bureau provides "positive energy" for the quality of glass products. Glass is a pillar industry in Shahe City, Hebei Province. At present, it is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. In order to promote the upgrading of the glass industry and realize the new blueprint of Shahe City for building a 100 billion yuan glass industry, Shahe Quality Supervision Bureau gives full play to its functional advantages and takes strong measures to provide "positive energy" for improving the quality of glass products

[measure 1] conduct thorough research and implement policies for enterprises. The Bureau has set up a leading group for improving the quality of glass products. The leaders of the bureau have led business backbones to go deep into glass enterprises to conduct comprehensive investigation on flat and embossed glass production enterprises and deep-processing enterprises in the city, improve enterprise information archives, accurately master the overall situation of product quality, objectively understand the basic information of enterprise production conditions, technical strength, testing ability, quality management level, personnel quality and so on, In view of the different problems existing in different enterprises, the strategic policy of "one enterprise, one policy and one policy for each enterprise" is adopted to carry out targeted assistance from different angles such as enterprise personnel training, standard application and quality management

[measure 2] actively plan to promote the government's attention to quality improvement. In order to focus on improving the government's attention to quality improvement, the Bureau prepared the analysis report on the development of Shahe glass industry and reported it to the main leaders of the municipal government. It actively offered suggestions and suggestions. The opinions of Shahe City on the implementation of in-depth development of quality revitalization of the city, which can be divided into upper cylinder and lower cylinder experimental machines, has been studied and adopted by the general round sample of Shahe municipal government at the round jaw clamp meeting, The municipal government has attached great importance to the quality improvement work, forming a good working situation of "government initiated and quality supervision promoted"

[measure 3] build a platform to serve the development of enterprises from zero distance. In order to serve the development of nearby enterprises, with the approval of Shahe Municipal People's government, the Bureau has established two quality improvement offices in Shahe economic and Technological Development Zone and jinbaijia private industrial park. Each office has assigned three business backbones to serve the development of enterprises from a zero distance in terms of technology, quality, standards and management, and to help enterprises establish and improve the basic work of quality assurance system, measurement and testing system and standardization system, Guide enterprises to adopt scientific management methods and take the high value-added route, so that three types of 2D materials similar to graphene are attached importance: 1. 2D silicon silicon strong quality management

[measure 4] strengthen the construction of technical institutions and improve the level of technical support. In the process of upgrading the glass industry, the Bureau attaches great importance to the supporting role of technical institutions. In 2004, after a careful analysis of the development situation of Shahe glass industry, the Bureau actively applied for and carefully prepared for the establishment of Hebei glass product quality supervision and inspection station with an investment of 2.4 million yuan. At present, it can carry out the inspection of 32 items of 5 major categories of glass products. While issuing the inspection report for the products submitted for inspection, the company broadened its working ideas, carefully analyzed the product quality, and put forward suggestions for quality improvement. For product defects, it actively hired experts from the national glass inspection and testing center to diagnose and analyze them, and sent the diagnosis and analysis report together with the inspection report to the glass enterprises, so as to solve the technical difficulties and problems encountered by the enterprises in the process of development, Play a positive role in the upward mobility and upgrading of Shahe glass industry. Zhonghua glass () Department

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