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Zhengzhou, Henan strives to make a breakthrough of 89% in the experimental loading of corn straw returning machinery.

the three autumn agricultural production in Zhengzhou is about to begin. It was learned from the city's Sanqiu agricultural machinery production and straw burning prohibition work conference held yesterday that Zhengzhou will organize 350000 sets of agricultural machinery to be put into Sanqiu production, striving to achieve a yield of more than 82% for corn machinery, a stable rate of 98% for wheat machine seeding, and a breakthrough rate of 89% for direct return of corn straw mechanization to the field

it is reported that during the production period in the third autumn of this year, the Municipal Bureau of agricultural machinery will organize 350000 sets of agricultural machinery to be put into the production in the third autumn, including 112000 tractors, 3500 corn combine harvesters and more than 20000 wheat seeders, so as to ensure that the land is fully tilled by mechanical tillage, and actively promote and ensure the completion of 245000 mu of agricultural machinery subsoiling and land preparation. Zhengzhou will speed up the whole process mechanization of major crops, and fully open subsidies to agricultural machines and tools that support green development, such as corn harvesting, straw returning to the field, subsoiling and land preparation, and no tillage sowing, which comply with the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy; We will continue to improve the level of machine harvesting of corn and the mechanized comprehensive utilization rate of autumn crop straw, strive to achieve a yield of more than 82%, a stable rate of machine sowing of wheat at 98%, and a rate of Mechanized Direct Return of corn straw to the field of more than 89%. The two largest utilization types of crop straw machines throughout the year will be electrical and electronic and consumer goods mechanization. Both require that the extended meter accurately measure the deformation utilization rate to reach more than 92%

this year, according to the technical roadmap for energy saving and new energy vehicles issued by the state, facing the severe situation of air pollution prevention, our city put forward higher requirements for the work of banning burning: a comprehensive year-round banning of burning in the whole city. This autumn, the whole city will strictly implement the relevant regulations. In addition to giving the whole city a timely notice of criticism on the burning of crop straw, the city will allocate financial resources every time it doubles. For a county (city) or district, 1million yuan is allocated to the first fire, 2million yuan to the second fire, and 4million yuan to the third fire. Those who cause environmental and atmospheric quality deterioration, major social adverse effects or major safety accidents due to large-scale incineration of crop wastes will be investigated

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