Zhihuo communication coocenters10 call center

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Zhike communication coocenter S10 call center all-in-one machine significantly reduces the cost

coocenter series is a simple, easy-to-use, flexible deployment and cost-effective call center all-in-one machine launched by Zhike communication (zycoo) for global small and medium-sized enterprises

coocenter series provides a variety of application services such as call center, IPPBX, customer relationship management and marketing of products with higher flame retardancy, and solves the problem of efficient communication within small and medium-sized enterprises and with the huge market demand of customers. At the same time, it is easy to deploy, easy to maintain, simple and practical

coocenter series adopts the latest integrated communication and cutting-edge webrtc technology. It supports the basic call center functions such as incoming call bounce screen and voice, which can well meet the needs of plate and bar samples, such as navigation (IVR), customer relationship management (CRM), automatic call queuing (ACD), simple report statistics, as well as SIP extension remote registration, conference, call recording, extension busy line indication (BLF), radio intercom Intelligent straight line and other IPPBX functions

the equipment can connect with the operator through its own analog relay interface or VOIP relay. At the same time, it can be equipped with centralized management software CCMC for branches or chain enterprise groups. It can help enterprises save costs and improve efficiency in marketing, after-sales service, product promotion and communication management

coding and protocol

speech coding: g.722, G.711 (A-Law, u-law), G.729, G.726, GSM, speex

video coding (transparent transmission):h.261, H. instead, profits are obtained by transferring authorized patents 263, h.263+, h.264

protocols: SIP (RFC3261), iax2

dtmf:rfc2833, SIP info, In band

network features

support IPv4 and IPv6

vpn server (L2TP/PPTP/open VPN)

static/dhcp/pppoe IP address assignment

dhcp server



vpn client (L2TP/PPTP/open VPN/n2n)

support UDP/tcp/tls transmission

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