Zhengzhou PTA is expected to continue to fluctuate

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It is expected that Zhengzhou PTA will continue to fluctuate in the short term (7.22)

the main 909 contract of Zhengzhou PTA futures opened low and went high on July 22, showing a trend of shrinking volume and reducing positions. The closing price was slightly higher than the settlement price on July 21 by 6 points, or 0.08%. The spot market remained stable, the downstream demand side still did not support the PTA market, and the price of raw material p-xylene fell. It is expected that the PTA market will continue to fluctuate in the short term

on July 22, Zhengzhou PTA futures contract fluctuated sideways. The main 909 contract opened at a low price of 7220 yuan/ton in the morning, and the disk showed a trend of rising in shock. The lowest price was 7220 yuan/ton, and the highest price was 7310 yuan/ton. It fell slightly before the closing. The higher the transmission efficiency, it closed at 7292 yuan/ton, slightly 6 points higher than the settlement price on the 21st, or 0.08%. The daily K-line closed at the low open barefoot positive line, and the trading volume and position decreased at the same time. A total of 242912 transactions were made throughout the day, and the position was reduced by 9102 to 126402. The change in price volume relationship indicates that it may turn down in the short term

in terms of crude oil, crude oil futures closed higher on Tuesday (July 21), boosted by the continued rise of US stocks. In addition, the imminent expiration of contracts in recent months also boosted the oil price level. The settlement price of light and low sulfur crude oil futures in August on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose 74 cents to US $64.72 per barrel, or 1.2%. The crude oil futures contract in September rose 32 cents, or 0.5%, to $65.61 a barrel. The settlement price of London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) September Brent crude oil futures contract rose 43 cents to US $66.87 a barrel, or 0.6%. The oil price rose along with the stock market, as the types of electronic universal testing machine sensors in the silver market at present include S-type, spoke type and industrial companies, whose earnings were better than expected, which boosted the market's optimistic view on the prospects of economic recovery. However, some analysts are still cautious about the recent rise in oil prices, because oil inventories are still high and demand is still low. Investors are paying attention to the inventory data released by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) on the morning of Wednesday (July 22) Eastern time

raw material p-xylene closed down slightly on Tuesday, and the Asian market price fell by $1.5/t to 1034, USD 035.5/t FOB Korea, and the European market price closed steadily in USD/T FOB Rotterdam. P can also manually intervene in the analysis process. The TA spot market remains stable. The seller's offer price in the East China domestic material market remains between 7,, 250 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price in the market remains between 7,, 200 yuan/ton. There are few inquiries from downstream polyester factories, and the trading atmosphere is light. The external market is slightly deadlocked. The general offer price of cargo is around 870 US dollars/ton. The mainstream negotiation price is still concentrated in US dollars/ton, and the actual transactions are still few

in terms of downstream polyester demand, the market situation of polyester staple fiber in East China has weakened slightly, and the mainstream negotiation price in the market has weakened slightly from 50 yuan/ton to 8, 000 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales are poor, and the margin of profit concessions has increased. The market trend of polyester filament is slightly different. Due to the recovery of production and sales of polyester POY, the focus of market transactions has slightly moved up, but the prices of polyester FDY have been reduced in some regions. It can be seen that the downstream demand side still does not support the rise of PTA market. Driven by the rise of international oil prices for five consecutive trading days, PTA market still maintains the consolidation trend, and the price of raw material p-xylene drops. It is expected that PTA market will continue to consolidate and fluctuate in the short term

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