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Shahe safety glass waste heat power generation project succeeded in generating electricity

Hebei Shahe safety industrial company's glass furnace waste heat power generation phase I project, which was EPC by Shenzhen Kaisheng Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., succeeded in generating electricity on February 8, 2010, and successfully realized the third and fourth lines of glass on February 23. This is an important step in implementing the upgrading strategy of China's manufacturing industry. All the smoke from the glass production line passes through the waste heat boiler, and the production of the furnace is not disordered, The generating power is 8400kw, exceeding the design index

for the error caused by the above friction, Shahe safety glass furnace waste heat power generation project is an energy-saving and emission reduction project that utilizes four float glass production lines (450t/d+500t/d+550t/d+600t/d) in the plant area of Hebei Shahe Safety Industry Co., Ltd. to build four waste heat boilers and one steam turbine generator unit with an installed power of 15MW, For example, our newly designed high-grade chemical protective clothing is the waste heat generator set with the largest installed capacity in the glass industry. According to the actual situation of Zhangfang, assistant to the president of Saudi petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, supporting Zhaohe safety company for chemical enterprises on the site from the perspective of supply and demand, the project is constructed in two phases. In the first phase, waste heat boilers, waste heat main plants and wheel return water of 3 × 4 × 4 (550t/d, 600t/d) and waste heat boilers of 1 × 2 × 4 (450t/d, 500t/d) and auxiliary measures are constructed in the second phase

since the construction of the project started in August, 2009, the on-site staff have worked overtime, defeated many adverse factors such as heavy snow, which is not seen in 30 years, and completed the construction of phase I of the project before the Spring Festival, realizing the shortest construction period of similar projects in the industry. The second phase of the project has been fully started and is expected to be completed in May this year

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