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Shopping guide skills of Rongda century wardrobe store

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the shopping guide of the wardrobe store is a kind of expression of personal true feelings, putting oneself in others' understanding, spreading the knowledge of sincerity and sincerity, dealing with things between people, persuading others, and influencing others' work. Because of its methods, steps, and specific programs, it is a practical action that stresses practical results, so it is also a kind of leadership

how is shopping guide a business activity that interprets customers' interests and solves customers' problems? Xiaobian had a communication and exchange with the shopping guides of Rongda Centennial wardrobe stores across the country, and summarized the following personal views

the highest level of shopping guide is to surpass customer satisfaction, communicate with customers, forge a lasting bond, and further make good use of results and expand the function of service. Traditional salesmen only focus on pure sales, and do not involve much brand publicity related to products; Promoters are short-term temporary salesmen within a specific activity time. They are often dismissed automatically when the activity ends; The shopping guide is to leave a good impression on customers by providing professional solutions to customer needs, appropriate behavior, behavior and services, so as to establish a brand image and corporate image, and realize customers to buy on the spot or in the future

the top three specialty stores of Rongda's century old wardrobe sales performance told Xiaobian that shopping guide is a very profound knowledge, which requires not only learning to look at people, but also knowing how to respond flexibly. If you encounter avant-garde customers, the shopping guide can introduce them to the unique style of cabinet doors, and tell them the information of selecting and replacing decorative panels; Side expression identifies with their personal image. If you meet talkative customers, the shopping guide should treat them warmly, and learn more about their needs through talking with them; Pay attention to the people or things he cares about; Make more suggestions and speed up the decision. If you encounter independent customers, the shopping guide can't "touch" them, praise the customers and follow their consciousness; Respect criticism and invite others to give comments; Don't rush, but act quickly. If it is a cautious customer, the shopping guide should emphasize the value for money of the product; Explain in detail the differences of Rongda's century old wardrobe products; Be patient and take seriously the products they have observed and observed for many times; Accurate and professional product knowledge; Increase customers' purchase confidence

when several people shop together, they are called plural customers. The forms of companionship include husband and wife, lovers, friends, colleagues, classmates, a family and so on. When receiving such customers, shopping guides should treat them differently according to the situation. If the customers have the same opinion, they can do the reception work in the right way. If they have different opinions, they should pay attention to observation and identify the principal and subordinate during reception. We can use observation method to distinguish who is the owner and who is the follower from the words and behaviors of customers after entering the store; Who is the user and influencer of the product; Who is the decision-maker and payer of shopping; Who is the buyer and who is the advisor to assist in the purchase. In the purchase process, customers with different identities have different roles in the purchase decision, so it is necessary to identify in order to determine the reception method. According to the master-slave relationship of customers, it is not difficult to coordinate their opinions on products, grasp the discretion when communicating, give more advice, correctly and honestly guide customers' consumption, cultivate harmonious purchase emotions, and successfully promote transactions

if the buyer takes affordable price as the prerequisite for purchasing products, likes to buy cheap goods, is familiar with the product situation, and selects carefully after entering the store, this kind of customer is a customer who has a relatively complete description of the brand, materials, colors, etc. of the goods he wants to buy after entering the store, and makes repeated comparisons and careful selection in terms of price, quality, etc. before buying. Be patient when receiving such customers and never tire of asking questions. The other is to buy high-end products, which should make customers believe that the goods are genuine. The shopping guide should understand the performance and characteristics of the product and answer truthfully. We should introduce more, patiently publicize and explain, be a good adviser, and work hard on the word "speaking" to guide consumption





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