What are the styles of European furniture in color

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Everyone should know that when we choose European furniture style, we must coordinate and match according to the style of home decoration, otherwise it will directly affect the beauty of the whole home. The magnificent, noble and elegant style of European furniture has added great charm to our home. Now let's learn about the color matching of European furniture and the style of European furniture

color matching of European furniture

1. We should make reasonable matching in the shape of European furniture, and we should also coordinate in the tone, otherwise the color confusion will also lead to the unsightness of the home. For example, the combination of white and log color is as natural as spring breeze, which makes the space more harmonious. With the log color of European furniture as the main body, the wood grain and the brown and white of wood set off each other, making the whole set of furniture quite three-dimensional

2. Our red is a symbol of good luck and enthusiasm in China, so we will use it in some important festivals. The most important red in our traditional culture. The combination of red and white and how to match a color are very appropriate, and will not appear messy, while the combination of gray and red is also very excellent, which will appear elegant and modern

3. The combination of warm gray and white will give a more retro picture, which looks elegant, bright and quiet. White always gives people the feeling of being fresh, white and bright. Gray gives people the feeling of calm and noble. The combination of the two is like the thick foam of cappuccino coffee. Brown, grayish green, gray, golden yellow, etc. highlight environmental protection and nature, and all belong to cold colors, so they are more suitable for groups with slightly longer age levels

what are the styles of European furniture

1. Classical style

European classical style, combined with modern fashion trends and personalized style, as well as classical style, makes today's European furniture more colorful. Although it has classical curves and surfaces, it has less classical carvings, and uses more straight lines of modern furniture. White, coffee, yellow and crimson are the common main colors in European style. A small amount of white is mixed to make the color look bright and generous, and the whole space gives people an open and tolerant extraordinary bearing

2. Idyllic style

European style idyllic furniture generally conforms to nature in style, giving people a feeling of stretching physically and emotionally, as if they were in nature to feel the breath of nature. European style rural style emphasizes the unique cultural connotation of Europe as a whole, and pays attention to simple and clear lines and elegant and appropriate decoration. In addition, influenced by traditional handicrafts and adopting modern advanced technology, European style rural style furniture appears more elegant and dignified

3. Simple style

the simple European furniture style is popular in design and modeling. Its design style is noble, atmospheric, elegant, simple and not simple. European simple furniture comes down in one continuous line with European classical furniture, which is similar to American furniture. More is the pursuit of furniture comfort and practicality. It abandons the complexity of classical furniture and uses more simple lines and natural solid wood lines

summary: here is the relevant information about the color matching of European furniture and the styles of European furniture. I hope these are helpful to you. If there is still something you don't understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to know more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website




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