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With the development of science and technology and the pursuit of efficiency, the traditional anti-theft method of manually monitoring shopping malls in retail stores is no longer suitable, and the application of supermarket anti-theft system is very common. Then, what is the principle of the supermarket anti-theft door? Let's introduce the principle of the supermarket anti-theft system

with the increasingly developed science and technology and the emphasis on efficiency, the traditional anti-theft method of manually monitoring shopping malls in retail stores is no longer suitable, and the application of supermarket anti-theft system is very common. Then, what is the principle of the supermarket anti-theft door? Let's introduce the principle of the supermarket anti-theft system

principle of supermarket anti-theft door

it can be roughly divided into radio system, electromagnetic wave system, microwave system, frequency division system, intelligent system and acoustic magnetic system according to the detection signal mode applied by supermarket anti-theft system

1. The acoustic magnetic system

tuning fork can cause resonance only when the oscillation frequency is the same. Acusto magnetic system applies this physical principle to realize almost zero false alarm operation. When the tag of the acoustic magnetic system fixed on the commodity enters the detection area of the system, resonance will occur, but the alarm will be sent out only after the receiver receives four consecutive resonance signals (once every 1/50 second)

the characteristics of the acoustic magnetic system are high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarm, good anti-interference, and the protected outlet width can reach 3 5 meters, with soft and hard anti-theft labels, it can protect most kinds of goods in the mall, and can be degaussed repeatedly. Even next to the POS cash register, the system can still work normally

acoustic magnetic systems include different types of vertical systems, channel systems and concealed systems. There are more than 10 models to choose from. They can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, audio-visual stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, as well as office buildings and other environments

2. Radio system

radio frequency (RF) uses radio waves as transmitted and received signals, and the detection frequency range is 7.x ~ 8.x MHz. The biggest advantage of the radio system is that the system cost is very low and the installation is convenient. However, because its anti-theft label is of ring coil type, the system is vulnerable to interference from some items, such as electronic products such as cash registers, metal objects, etc., causing false alarm or non alarm of the system

the radio system has soft and hard labels, which can protect most items in the mall. The distance between two supports is generally not more than 0.9 meters, which is usually used in shopping malls with only one import and export. There are two kinds of radio systems, vertical and channel, which are used to protect department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, etc

3. Electromagnetic wave system

electromagnetic system uses electromagnetic wave as detection signal

the electromagnetic wave system has the smallest label, and the label price is also cheap. It can be degaussed repeatedly, but it is prone to false positives due to the influence of magnetic or metallic substances. The width of the protected exit is generally about 0.9 M. The system will not affect magnetic objects (such as audio tapes, video tapes, magnetic cards)

the new generation of channel electromagnetic wave system is an electronic anti-theft system controlled by software, which uses digital processing technology to integrate with degaussing system, cashier monitoring and closed-circuit television monitoring system. Using the fast degaussing plate, the degaussing can be repeated, and the system cost is high. There are two types of electromagnetic wave systems: vertical and channel. The application environment is mostly in libraries, bookstores, music stores, hotels, supermarkets, etc

4. Microwave system

the microwave system uses microwave as the detection signal, which is not easy to be disturbed by the surrounding environment. It can be flexibly installed in a concealed manner (such as hidden under the carpet or suspended on the ceiling), and has the advantages of being suitable for store decoration and beauty. However, due to the large scope of Shengying, goods cannot be arranged in a certain area, which will restrict the use of space for businesses with an inch of land, so it is suitable for large department stores and music stores and fashion stores with large stores

5. Frequency division system

frequency division system is an anti-theft system using high-tech frequency division technology and ultra-low frequency radio wave signals. When an anti-theft tag enters the detection area, the tag receives the signal from the transmitter, divides it into half, and then transmits the half divided information to the receiver. Only when the receiver receives half of the signal will it send an alarm, which can effectively avoid the interference of other wireless waves

the system has light label, small volume, low price, stable performance, high detection rate, good anti-interference, and is not easy to cause false positives. There are two types of products, vertical and concealed. It is an ideal anti-theft system for clothing stores

6. Intelligent system

intelligent system applies unique technology. It is an internal system controlled by integrated circuit, driven by battery, and integrating hard label and alarm set. When the label is prized or taken out of the mall with the goods, the system will automatically send an alarm

the system can protect the goods in the whole shopping mall without false alarm, and the labels can be reused without damaging the goods. It is used to protect valuables, such as fashion, leather, fur clothes, etc

7. Destruction principle system

the anti-theft system of destruction principle is a kind of hard label or magnetic lock. There is ink in the hard label. When the thief tries to remove this hard label, the hard label will eject ink and contaminate the goods and the thief's body. The magnetic lock is extremely difficult to remove, and forcible removal will destroy goods. It is easy to use, has a good deterrent effect, and the cost is very low. It is used in clothing, glasses, jewelry, ties, silk fabrics and other goods. Labels can be reused

what is the principle of supermarket anti-theft system? The above is the introduction of the principle of supermarket anti-theft system. Installing the supermarket anti-theft system can reduce the loss rate of goods, reduce employees, assist management and improve profits. For more information about anti-theft, please continue to pay attention to information





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