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Decoration is a painstaking thing, and there is no concept of what materials, processes, after-sales, etc. after all, all walks of life are like separated mountains. When answering the house, the decoration company's phone bombarded the house, and the salesperson's various flickers made the owner more confused. In addition, after glancing at several model houses, I felt that the surface skills were similar, while the important hidden costs of the decoration company's project management, decoration quality, after-sales service and so on were selectively ignored. For this reason, I will explain the hidden cost of home decoration one by one:

1, time cost

a well-known common sense is ignored in the decision-making of home decoration &mdash& mdash; Time is money. Many owners spend a lot of time on consulting the decoration price and negotiating the price of the decoration company, but do not pay attention to the important information of the decoration company, such as design, project management, decoration quality, post installation service, etc. In this way, not to mention the small and enlarged ones, their time cost has also increased, especially in the hot summer. It is suggested that you choose a decoration company that provides one-stop services of basic decoration + decoration main materials + whole house customization + soft decoration + household appliances; In this way, you don't have to run around to buy decoration materials, just carry your bag and check in; Save 80% of the time cost

2. Quality cost

the quality of decoration directly affects the comfort and safety of the living environment. There are numerous examples of increasing costs due to quality problems, and people generally have a fluke mentality. For example, when the closed circuit and network cable fail, entertainment and work have to stop and wait for maintenance; Another example is that the waterproof in the concealed works is not qualified, which leads to water leakage in the bathroom and the neighbors downstairs angrily run up and knock on the door; If the wires are short circuited and cause a fire, it is not just a matter of increasing costs. What is more valuable to life and health

3. Service cost

home decoration service is not only early-stage service, construction process service and after-sales service, but also more important. The cost of service in the construction process is easy to ignore. Engineering supervisors, engineering assistants, and construction managers all need wages, which can ensure the quality of the project. Some companies omit this part of labor, so the natural price is low, but who will guarantee the quality of the project? It depends entirely on the character of the construction manager, which is entirely a gamble on luck and quality

after any goods are sold, there is a problem of post service. Smart customers pay great attention to the manufacturer's reputation, after-sales service system and service quality when selecting goods. The same is true of decoration. If there are problems after decoration, the decoration company will not rush to repair immediately, which will not delay your company's work? If you can't find this decoration company, who will repair it for you? We often receive calls from customers saying that the company that decorated them cannot be found

4. Material cost

now the decoration cost is very transparent, but the price of materials has soared. In order to make more profits, some immoral practitioners have made the phenomenon of shoddy goods happen repeatedly. It is not difficult to believe the danger of using fake and inferior water pipes, inferior wires and other materials in their own homes. Water seepage and leakage caused by poor water pipes not only affect neighborhood relations, but also increase expensive decoration and maintenance costs; Low quality wires are made of low-quality recycled copper, with high resistance, resulting in large line loss, easy to heat, accelerate aging, and emit toxic gases, which are harmful to health. Electric shock and fire caused by leakage and short circuit are even more serious risks to life and property health

5. Labor cost

the labor cost has also increased significantly in the past two years. Tianya revealed that skilled Stoneworkers' wages are higher than white-collar workers. This is not fiction. It is beyond reproach that decoration workers exchange the cost of technology and health for their due returns; The Engineering Department of a company with strict quality requirements has higher requirements, but if a general decoration company casually finds some road guerrillas and takes up the post without any training, the cost is low, but its process and quality requirements are also out of question

6. Risk cost

as mentioned above, the construction of home decoration circuit must be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures and must work with certificates. In recent years, there have been too many safety accidents caused by decoration in Chongqing, which are caused by illegal operation and unqualified quality. Frankly speaking, the risk exists as soon as the decoration company enters the site, which is not sensational

some shell decoration companies do not have business licenses and qualification certificates, and the office space is also rented. Once there is an accident, they directly donate money and flee, and there are many examples of people leaving the building empty. The professional construction team, real and effective business license and qualification certificate, and fixed office space of the decoration company are the best guarantee

in fact, the price of any commodity is controlled by the cost. The cost cannot be squeezed out like a sponge, as long as you work hard. No one will do it without making money, unless they cut corners. It is suggested to choose a one-stop +f2c decoration company. F2C refers to factory to consumer, that is, from factory to consumer, which is an advanced business model. The traditional commodity circulation path is: factory brand company general agent distributor store consumer. Because there are too many links and prices are increased layer by layer, the price of products reaching consumers is often high. F2C mode is that the brand company hands over the designed products to the factory for OEM and then directly delivers them to consumers through the terminal. The circulation path is the shortest, which can ensure the low price of products and the guarantee of quality service

finally, I hope the owners can polish their eyes in front of the current home decoration market, not be blinded by the surface things, and take comprehensive consideration to find a suitable decoration company





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