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On September 17, 2018, the sky in Ruijin, Jiangxi Province was clear and sunny. With the sound of drums, there was a great deal of excitement. It turned out to be the opening of the Ruijin store of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows

yes, just today, Mingzhu innovation and Exhibition doors and windows officially became the local influential door and window brand store in Ruijin, Jiangxi Province. Because of the good reputation and popularity of the brand, a large number of people came on the opening day. There were many newly developed buildings around, many of whom came with their goals. Just opened in the morning, they successfully signed a good start with the help of manager Lin of Mingzhu innovation and Exhibition headquarters, with a deposit of 6668 yuan

at this time, the director of Ruijin Decoration Materials Association is shooting and interviewing. They record every picture of Ruijin exclusive store of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows through the lens in multiple directions. In the later stage, we will wait and see the exclusive interview report of Mingzhu Chuangzhan

Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows "craftsmanship quality, safety and home protection". The craftsman's spirit and social responsibility are embodied in the products one by one. The inheritance of secondary innovation, multiple research and development in performance, born in the era, come for the future, and make people's life more quality

the aluminum alloy sliding door/sliding window, bridge broken casement window, swing door, heavy folding door/sliding door, sunshine room and grape trellis of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows have the freshness and elegance of traditional Chinese style, as well as the minimalist style of modern cold generation style. They have good appearance, practical performance, safety and silence, noise prevention and heat insulation, environmental protection and energy conservation, and can resist to the end in the face of typhoon and rainstorm

during the opening period, there are many benefits, and a variety of products are being sold at great benefits. There is an attitude to life that needs to be displayed with quality. Quality life starts with the Pearl Chuang exhibition doors and windows, and opening concessions cannot be missed

the core business of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows is to take the value of customers as the core concept of enterprise management, take the high-grade lifestyle in the new era as the strategic height, take the positioning of the brand of high-end doors and windows as the development direction, create a win-win business model between Mingzhu and franchisees, provide safe, durable and beautiful high-quality customized door and window products, and add happiness elements to people's good life. In order to choose the franchisees of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows to realize the value of life and increase the value of wealth





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