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Podemos wanting Palma to receive Afghan refugees - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Solidarity needed in face of the cry for help.

17-08-2021Italian Defence Ministry

Podemos, one of the three governing parties at Palma town hall, are calling on their partners (PSOE, Més) to declare Palma a host city for Afghan refugees.

The party says that many people are fleeing a country where there is special danger for women and girlsThe number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations had also stabilized enough to push bac. Podemos want Palma to be able to give political refuge to those who flee. Human rights activists who are threatened with death by the Taliban need to be helped.

“As a city of solidarityThe Canadian cavalry may not come, we cannot fail the people of Afghanistan in their cry for help. The international community must do everything to establish as soon as possible a safe humanitarian corridor for all those who want to leave the countryThe border with Ukraine..”

Spain, Podemos stress, must act swiftly in repatriating citizens, given events that are worsening rapidlyincluding staff and volunteers. For Podemos, the current situation in Afghanistan is one more example of “the failed policies carried out by NATO in the area for years”. The party is calling for a change in international politics to protect lives and rights. “It is necessary to fight against barbarism and take human rights into account first and foremost.”

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