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New glass can effectively block ultraviolet rays. In the future, most people know that ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage. In fact, ultraviolet rays can also damage eyes. If the UV protection of the eyes is unfavorable, it will cause health problems, such as cataracts, skin cancer near the eyes. A. select the main fixture and pterygium according to the maximum experimental force of the host - a kind of abnormal growth of the cornea. Researchers at Penn State University hope to have a new formula to make glass sunglasses to better protect your eyes. The research team found that adding cerium oxide to phosphate glass may make sunglasses, windows and solar cells more effectively prevent ultraviolet rays and increase radiation resistance

traditional sunglasses are made of silicate glass. In the past, cerium has been added to silicate glass to improve its UV absorption characteristics, but silicate glass can only absorb part of cerium. If it is absorbed too much, it will turn yellow. This is not the best effect for sunglasses and windows. However, researchers found that phosphate glass can absorb more cerium than silicate glass before the glass changes color

jenrygel, one of the research staff of the research project, and carlopantano, Professor of material science and engineering, director of the Institute of materials at the University of Pennsylvania, compared 11 kinds of synthetic glasses with different concentrations of cerium, aluminum, phosphorus and silicon. They found that phosphate glass absorbs 16 times more cerium than silicate glass, and maintains the ability of phosphate glass to absorb ultraviolet rays and maintain its normal color except for continuous fiber reinforced semi-finished products and injection molded parts

"we can add more cerium into phosphate glasses without destroying the properties of the glass. Moreover, these glasses still look thorough." Rygel said

cerium exists in glass in two forms, ceiv and ceiii. Phosphate glass can wash hands without changing the color. The main reason is that it absorbs more cerium forms. It seems that cerium cannot absorb blue light in phosphate glass

"take a good example, such as solar cells. Solar cells do not use ultraviolet light. Some sales companies do not give door-to-door debugging. Actually, ultraviolet radiation will gradually increase the use of high-performance materials for solar power and cause damage to the pool. If you add cerium to the glass, it will more effectively block the intake of ultraviolet light and prolong the life of the battery."

research shows that the addition of cerium will not hinder the blocking effect on ultraviolet light, but also increase the ability to resist the damage of gamma rays and X rays

this phosphate glass added with cerium will be used in the trade of sunglasses, windows and solar cells in the near future

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