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Because of long-term environmental pollution, Liaoning xinjulang Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "xinjulang") has accelerated the implementation of plastics in various fields, becoming the first large enterprise shut down due to environmental pollution in the history of Liaoning Province

on May 23, the Liaoning Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and the provincial supervision department held a briefing, saying that after the shutdown of "new giant wave", it will invest 3 billion yuan to actively cooperate with domestic leading enterprises to build a new plant, and Qingyang Special Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qingyang Chemical") located in Liaoyang City will spend 480million yuan to transform polluting equipment

after the shutdown of "xinjulang", the discharge of sewage to the Yalu River can be reduced by 6.048 million tons every year, and the reduction of industrial sewage accounts for 70% of the total discharge of industrial sewage in Dandong City

at the same time, the transformed "Qingyang Chemical Industry" will also reduce 1.684 million tons of wastewater and 17 tons of nitro compounds, and the Liaoyang section of the Taizi River will significantly reduce pollution

on February 17 this year, the State Environmental Protection Administration announced the list of 11 heavily polluting enterprises listed in 2006, including Liaoning Qingyang Special Chemical Co., Ltd. and Liaoning xinjulang Paper Co., Ltd

Dandong Municipal government has cut off water and power supply for "xinjulang" at 24:00 on April 14, 2006. This is the first large enterprise in our province to shut down due to environmental problems only

in addition, in view of the historical legacy of serious chemical pollution in Qingyang, Liaoning Province, which has never issued a "Notice of treatment within a time limit" to a single enterprise before, issued an administrative document "for the first time", clearly requiring enterprises to achieve emission standards by the end of this year, otherwise they will be reported to the State Council for approval in accordance with the law, and the enterprises will be ordered to stop production and close down

at present, the "new giant wave" is preparing the reconstruction project, which plans to be located in Dandong Port Industrial Technology and economic indicators advanced zone, with an investment of 3billion yuan to establish a new plant

source: Chinese Business Morning Post

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