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Xinhan on-board integrated computer is used for logistics services

the new Han on-board integrated computer VMC 3000 can be used in the oil tank truck at the mining site. Through the management of its volatile working conditions, the mining logistics services can be optimized. Drivers and dispatchers can receive and share relevant orders, vehicle conditions, traffic and weather conditions in real time. Therefore, mining logistics services can provide required materials to specific mining sites in an efficient, safe and environmental friendly way

drivers often have to transport water, sand and chemical products to the mining site, and a general tracking system is required during this driving process. Xinhan VMC 3000 on-board integrated meter, you should first understand the lower computer. 1. The universal experimental machine is used in this tracking system. In this system, the driver can directly communicate with the dispatcher to take the shortest and fastest path, receive new tasks, print shipping documents, check vehicle conditions and compartment volume, achieve real-time monitoring, prevent material leakage, and timely grasp the weather conditions

at the same time, the dispatcher can also see these information, track vehicles and determine the location of goods; Assign the new order to the corresponding driver; And update the order report; Remotely adjust the traffic conditions at the mining site; In case of vehicle accident, the abnormal vehicle shall be inspected and assistance shall be provided. In addition, the general tracking system can also be integrated into the dashboard and camera for drivers to monitor traffic conditions and send the monitoring video to the dispatching center

according to this information, this overall tracking system reduces fuel consumption, shortens transportation time, and greatly optimizes mining logistics services. At the same time, in view of daily operation monitoring, drivers are more in compliance with traffic regulations, driving safely, and the integrity of the experimental machine is greatly improved after using it for a few 10 years; The remote traffic signal management system replaces the on-site vehicle management; Prepare the driver for the weather conditions at different altitudes

this overall tracking system is completed by the combination of the new Han on-board integrated computer VMC 3000 and the red dog logistics software. VMC 3000 is a rugged computer equipped with a 10.4 touch screen, GPS, Wi Fi and 3G connections, as well as rich i/o interfaces. This strong design for heavy industry applications has been highly recognized by Honggou logistics company. It not only lays a solid foundation for vehicle data recording, location function service, communication and video storage; When connected to peripheral devices such as thermal printers, cameras, tank measurement sensors, and RFID readers used to drive landing, the whole machine compartment is kept clean and orderly

combined with red dog logistics software, which includes a user interface, web-based background server and related databases, the data collected by VMC 3000 can be converted into summary reports, so as to help Mining Logistics obtain a more effective path according to different samples and experimental force

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