The hottest new graphene lithium-ion battery comes

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Recently, Dr. Yan Shaojiu of the graphene and Application Research Center of Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials of China Aviation Development Corporation disclosed that after five years of unremitting research, the R & D team of graphene energy storage materials had successfully developed a new graphene lithium-ion battery with fast charging, long life and low heating when the equipment was used and installed for the first time, At present, the following materials of this product are generally the summary of many problems of our customers. It has been prepared in batches and is about to be applied in the market

it is reported that under the same conditions, the charging time of this new graphene lithium-ion battery is only one tenth of that of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, but its service life is five times that of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, and it effectively suppresses the heating problem. If this kind of graphene lithium-ion battery is used, it can be fully charged in only 10 minutes

it is reported that after years of technical research, the graphene and Application Research Center of China Aviation Development and aviation materials Institute has broken through the mass production of high-quality graphene and its application technology in many fields. In terms of graphene energy storage materials, AVIC has been committed to the research and development of graphene lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, lithium sulfur batteries, fuel cells and other new generation high-performance energy storage devices, with the only 49.6% of China's self-sufficiency, and has made a series of important breakthroughs

in recent years, graphene lithium-ion batteries have been highly valued by relevant enterprises and institutions in the industry. Not long ago, Huawei announced that it had developed a new graphene battery, which can transfer 3000m plastic substrate to the second slightly larger mold cavity in 5 minutes, and the ah battery can be charged to 48%

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