The hottest new growth point of aluminum industry

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On the 19th, Nanshan aluminum 220000 ton rail transit new alloy project site, extrusion and deep processing workshops have been completed, and 1800 ton extruders are being installed and commissioned. This is one of the main projects for the multi-dimensional and three-dimensional development of aluminum and aluminum products industry in Longkou. At present, the balanced development of the aluminum industry in Longkou is expected to be broken, and the "fourth pole" that is planning the layout is about to emerge

"three pillars" refers to the three industrial parks of Nanshan, Donghai and jungle, which form a chain aluminum and aluminum alloy processing industrial base. Last year, the three parks achieved a business income of 38.4 billion yuan and played a decisive role in the domestic high-end aluminum Market: the output of profiles for subway, light rail and high-speed trains accounted for 70% of the domestic market, and the material of cans accounted for more than 80%

this year, aluminum industry projects have started intensively and are ready to work. Eleven projects with an investment of more than 100 million yuan, including 220000 tons of rail transit new alloy and 20000 tons of rail transit new alloy technological transformation, have been accelerated. Other aluminum industry and science and technology projects are progressing smoothly, and the main business income of 41 billion yuan can be achieved during the year

attracting large and strong enterprises and expanding fields are the main development direction of the aluminum industry. Develop high-end products such as subway, light rail, high-speed rail, aluminum plate and foil, and focus on downstream high-end products such as aluminum internal combustion engine structural parts, aluminum alloy automobile plates, auto parts, etc. India's reliance industry has a production capacity of 95. Two villagers in this village and neighboring villages contracted the experimental machine to use computers to process and analyze data. This river fish 0, and strive to promote the aluminum industry to aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other light metals and magnesium alloys Rare earth magnesium (aluminum) alloys are developed in the gold industry in the fields of automobile dashboard and seat frame, steering wheel core, wheel hub and so on. Nanshan Group's medium and heavy plate project and jungle group's special ship project have successfully entered aerospace, shipbuilding, national defense and military industry and other industries, leading the aluminum industry to "high-end precision"

"relying on the construction of artificial islands, the 'fourth pole' forms a joint force with Nanshan, the East China Sea and the jungle." Wen Fuen, director of the Bureau of science and technology, told. At the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the industrial income will be 120billion yuan, accounting for more than a quarter of the city's industry

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