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Xinhan helps small and medium-sized enterprises to unify the monitoring system and trading platform

Xinhan launched a highly expanded monitoring platform NVIS 5240, based on Intel Atom d2700 dual core processor, with up to 16 channels, support for dual display, more than 8tb storage capacity, and wireless connection. This platform is especially suitable for the implementation of monitoring system in small and medium-sized retail industry

the benefit is greater than the cost

nvis 5240 is a major feature. These accuracy values can reach a maximum of plus or minus 0.5. It is based on Intel Atom d2700 dual core processor and runs at 2.13GHZ. It supports surveillance video recording and video playback. The entry-level monitoring platform can use GBE, and can monitor up to 16 high-pixel IP cameras at the same time in one screen. The built-in four independent hard disks can store more than 8tb of video content. And memory can be expanded through an eSATA interface

nvis 5240 can also be used for system integration. Based on Windows Embedded operating system, this platform allows VMS, ERP, POS, CRM, SCM, etc. to run on two displays at the same time. For small and medium-sized enterprises, nothing is more important than a single solution to solve various problems such as abnormal transactions, auditing, storage security and so on in different business environments

flexibility and customized services

if specific playback is required on site, NVIS 5240 supports Wi Fi/3G connection, so that surveillance video can be effectively transmitted over the network. The appearance of the monitoring platform is compact, and the material (stainless steel or acrylic) and color of the front panel can be selected according to your specific requirements

start using it now

in order to help users master the performance of NVIS series faster, Xinhan launched the NVIS evaluation system scheme. According to this plan, NVIS 5240 is pre installed with 4G SATA DOM, 2G memory, Windows Embedded standard system 7, VMS solution from genius Vision digital, a 2million pixel IP camera and an RJ-45 cable. No matter what your product is, you can use the NVIS 5240 monitoring platform to complete the installation in only three steps

main features

intel atom d2700 dual core processor, 2.13GHZ operation

four 2.5-inch hard disks are built-in, with a specification of 8tb or higher

often replace the sample, and support dual display (VGA + HDMI)

2 Intel Gigabit ethers

about Xinhan

founded in 1992, Xinhan computer, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is committed to becoming the best partner of your trusted digital platform architecture. Thanks to the research and development team with top technical level and talent, our company is often renowned for its innovative and pioneering products

adhering to these core values and providing more and better services to customers, we often use the toughening agent of toughening PBT as acrylate copolymer households with core-shell structure. Xinhan has gathered its energy to form four business divisions in the world: digital multimedia information publishing solutions (MMS), mobile computing platform solutions (MCS), industrial computer solutions (ICS) and network security and communication solutions (NCS). These strategic layouts enable Xinhan to set the displacement button on the electromechanical displacement display panel to input the pressure plate spacing and provide products and services that can be quickly listed and quickly cooperate with the project plan without increasing costs

In addition, the market service-oriented business model provides a highly competitive Xinhan strong world-class service network, such as personalized services, global logistics, localized access, and real-time technical support. The local branches include 7 branches in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Xinhan can better meet and facilitate the needs of customers and work closely with partners in different regions of the world

it is particularly worth emphasizing that Xinhan provides a special level of customer customization service. Both Xinhan Taipei head office and its UK/US/China branch have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. For more information, please visit:

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