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By the end of December, the synthetic rubber business department of Baling Petrochemical had built and put into operation the first domestic set of hydrogenated styrene/isoprene copolymer (SEPs) unit with an annual output of 20000 tons, which has been running smoothly for 4 months, with a daily output of about 60 tons. The performance of the three SEPs brands that have been put into operation is equivalent to that of similar foreign products, and some indicators are better, filling the domestic gap

Baling Petrochemical currently has an annual production capacity of 330000 tons of thermoplastic rubber, and more than 50 brands of five series of thermoplastic rubber products, including SBS, SIS, SEBS, SEPs and SSBR. According to the market demand and users' order, the company has continuously moved from "behind the scenes" to "in front of the stage" through collaborative independent innovation in production, marketing, research and use, and has become a leader welcomed by downstream customers

according to the person in charge of relevant plastic enterprises in Anhui and Jiangsu, sepsyh-4010 and yh-4020 produced by Baling Petrochemical are used in optical fiber and optical cable filling ointments, which have excellent thixotropy, suitable viscosity and high and low temperature performance; Sepsyh-4051 is applied to high-performance elastomer, which has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good resilience and high transparency

among the recently announced achievements of Baling Petrochemical's 2017 annual scientific and technological progress award, the company's Synthetic Rubber Division completed four new product R & D achievements, including "Research on new technology of environmental protection and anti caking of SEBS products", "development of new SBC products for building asphalt modification", "development of new SEBS brand for self-adhesive membrane" and "development of new SSBR brand to improve the high and low temperature performance of asphalt". The production and sales of these new products exceed 3000 tons, with good economic and social benefits and broad application prospects

"Research on new technology of environmental protection and anti caking of SEBS products" project, aiming at the caking of thermoplastic rubber SEBS powder in the process of production, transportation and use and the environmental protection requirements of users for adding the weighed powder into the mixing chamber of high-speed mixer, has successfully developed new process technology, solved the problem of grinding and caking of SEBS products, extended the operation cycle of equipment, and improved product quality, The products have passed the inspection of SGS (the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification organization), which meets the environmental protection requirements of the European Union, has expanded the application field, and has increased the output in the past two years, with an average annual efficiency of more than 9 million yuan

"development of new SBC products for building asphalt modification" project, aiming at the current situation of building modified asphalt and the new requirements for the application of waterproof coiled materials, studied the relationship between the structure and properties of styrene, butadiene and isoprene copolymers. According to 3, room temperature 10oC (3) 5oC; According to the performance characteristics of waterproof coiled materials, three new grades of thermoplastic rubber for the modification of building asphalt have been developed, and the 1000 ton industrial application has been successfully realized. The new products used in waterproof coiled materials can simplify the production process, meet the market demand, and increase the annual profit by more than 2 million yuan

"development of new SEBS brand for self mucous membrane" project has successfully developed the domestic leading synthetic process technology of new SEBS brand for self mucous membrane, and the products and technology fill the domestic gap. The sebs/pp self-adhesive film prepared by this product has excellent resistance to damp heat aging and UV aging, and meets the requirements of users. The product development of this project enriches the variety of BS that SE will gradually raise the piston, expands the application field of SEBS, and will promote the development of PE (polyethylene) protective film in the direction of environmental protection, functionality and high-end

"development of new SSBR brand to improve the high and low temperature performance of asphalt" project, through the study of technical and economic calculation documents and order contracts of equipment and instruments such as benzene ethyl ester; Equipment and instrument atlas, instructions, certificate of conformity, packing list, accessories catalogue and installation procedures; The relationship between different structures of ene/butadiene copolymer and asphalt performance, such as equipment installation records, commissioning acceptance records and summaries, operation records and large and medium-sized maintenance records, accident records and inspection records, use analysis tables and resumes, transformation records and summaries, has determined the structural parameters and synthesis process of a new SSBR product, which further improves the low-temperature ductility, high-temperature softening point and aging resistance of asphalt, The project has applied for two invention patents. The comprehensive performance of industrial products is better than that of similar foreign products, and has broad market prospects

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