Cause analysis and solution of bubbles in the proc

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Cause analysis and solution of bubbles in the processing of injection molded products

bubbles (vacuum bubbles can adjust the zero position adjustment screw upward). The gas is very thin, belonging to vacuum bubbles. As soon as the purpose of temperature change is reached, if bubbles are found at the moment of mold opening, it belongs to the problem of gas interference. The formation of vacuum bubble is due to insufficient filling of plastic or low pressure. In the rapid cooling of the mold as thermoplastic composites, tri Mack released the latest test results. With the fuel pulling at the corner of the cavity, it caused volume loss

Make the polishing damage layer shallow


(1) increase the injection energy: pressure, speed, time and material volume, and increase the back pressure to make the mold full

(2) increase the material temperature and smooth the flow. Reduce the material temperature, reduce the shrinkage, and appropriately increase the mold temperature, especially the local mold temperature at the part where the vacuum bubble is formed

(3) set the gate at the thick part of the workpiece, improve the flow condition of the nozzle, runner and gate, and reduce the consumption of pressing

(4) improve the mold exhaust condition

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