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New goals for the development of corrugated box industry


wherever I go, I see that enterprises are busy developing. Wuxi Jiangyin "Liangfeng" has an annual output value of nearly 80million yuan. This year, it aims to exceed 100 million yuan. It is busy with equipment and land acquisition and plant construction. The annual output value of Zhangjiagang in Suzhou has reached nearly 200million yuan, which will double this year. We are busy importing high-end production lines and marketing. "Honghua" in Changshu, Suzhou, relies on an old production line with a flexible five floor and 1.6 meters, which is put into transformation every year and often works overtime, achieving an output value of nearly 50million yuan. The equipment energy has reached the limit. This year, it decided to take a big step and was busy with land acquisition and relocation. It is composed of excitation and speed regulation machinery, adjustable eccentric crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, pulsating oil cylinder, load retaining valve, special oil pump and lubrication system, and was busy entering the line. Driven by the rapid economic development in Nantong area, a group of non bank bosses with funds in their hands are interested in making money in the carton industry. They have invested in setting up factories one after another, and ten new corrugated production lines have been set up in one year, reflecting the new changes in the rapid development and high starting point of Jiangsu carton industry

the changes of these enterprises are a microcosm of national and local economic development. Last year, China's gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 9.1%, and the per capita GDP exceeded US $1000, the fastest growth rate since 1997, marking that China's economy has entered a new stage of development. Social consumption is upgrading and people's demand is growing. According to the "China modernization Report 2004" recently released by the China modern research center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China is an elementary developed country

Jiangsu is a big province in economy and packaging. Last year, Jiangsu's GDP grew by 13.5%, 4.4 percentage points higher than the national average. Jiangsu is also a major import and export province. Last year, its import and export reached 100billion US dollars, achieving a historic breakthrough, surpassing Shanghai and ranking behind Guangdong, with foreign direct investment ranking first in the country. Suzhou and Wuxi in Jiangsu have become the number one and number two. Last year, Nantong's economic development jumped to a new level, catching up from behind. Nantong has a good geographical advantage along the river and the sea, but it has been sleeping there like a lion for a long time. The leaders of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government asked Nantong to strive to be the leader of the "two pioneers" in the north of the river, and achieve the goal of GDP exceeding 100 billion and fiscal revenue exceeding 10 billion. Therefore, Nantong's work in all aspects has shown a great leap forward trend. The growth rate of investment attraction and utilization of foreign capital ranks first in the province, and the growth rate of industrial investment ranks first in the province. Nantong's GDP has leapt to become a miracle after Suzhou, Wuxi and

Nanjing in the province

the development of national economy, Jiangsu economy and local economy are all changing greatly, while the corrugated box industry is developing rapidly with the great changes

in place

in the discussion with enterprise experts, the author put forward many development goals for the corrugated box industry, which are of great practical significance. To sum up, it is mainly to achieve "three in place" and build "three systems"

to achieve "three in place" means:

first, the consumption quota (gram weight) of corrugated boxes and corrugated paper, carton board level/hall fee must be reduced. Now the consumption quota (gram weight) of corrugated paper and carton board used for processing corrugated boxes is still high, and there are too many carton tiles. In 1985, when we visited Japan to investigate the corrugated box industry, we found that the weight of corrugated paper used in Japanese cartons was very low, which made us unable to understand, so we had to admit that we were backward. As for the corrugated layers of cartons, Japan has the largest number of three-layer corrugated cartons, less layers, and less seven layers as heavy packaging. At that time, we couldn't figure it out. We could only think that our national conditions were different and incomparable. It can be said that 20 years ago, the quantitative consumption of paper for cartons in Japan was in place, representing the international level. The consumption of corrugated paper in China has experienced a long-term and gradual reduction process, which is indeed a process of ideological emancipation. From the 1970s to the 1980s, China's wooden box packaging has been dominant for a long time. It is believed that wooden boxes made of wood are always stronger than cartons, so wooden box packaging is widely used in the packaging of export goods. By the late eighties of the last century, they began to pay attention to the development of cartons. Because the packaging of export commodities in wooden cases was restricted in the international market, foreign businessmen required cartons to replace wooden cases. At the same time, due to the development of containerization of external transportation, the packaging of export commodities promotes container transportation, and implements door-to-door transportation and delivery (that is, after the packaging of export commodities, they are loaded into containers in the warehouse, transported by ocean to the wharf of the importing country, and then transferred to the warehouse designated by the importer for door-to-door transportation to ensure the safety of commodities). Corrugated boxes are driven by the requirements of the international market and the promotion of international container transportation, It has developed in an all-round way in our country

corrugated boxes in China have experienced more than 20 years of development. At the beginning, the weight of paper was dominated by an old concept, which believed that the higher the weight of paper, the more tile layers, and the stronger and more reliable the carton strength. In the planned economy period, the cartons used for export goods were all imported high gram corrugated paper and carton board paper

the south of China took the lead in reducing the gram weight of corrugated boxes. Cantonese people emancipated their minds and boldly used low gram heavy paper boxes. It will take at least three to five years for this wind to blow to Jiangsu. Even now, the paper quantity between Jiangsu and Guangdong has not been leveled, and Jiangsu still has to learn from Guangdong

it is believed that the current phenomenon of general tension in carton base paper and rising paper prices shows that the matching of papermaking and cartons in China is not in place. Now the specialized production of "centralized board making and decentralized box making" widely promoted in coastal areas, and the centralized board is concentrated to large enterprises, is bound to accelerate the quantitative consumption of corrugated box paper

second, the development of carton machinery to high-grade, international and multipolar positioning

China's corrugated box industry has changed from single-sided machine to single-sided machine, and then from ordinary corrugated production line to high-grade production line, which fully conforms to China's national conditions, and the development is normal and healthy. At present, carton machinery has fully entered the production line period, and single-sided machines and single-sided machines have been basically eliminated. The corrugated production line is basically made in China, and is provided by several large enterprises, such as Hubei "Jingshan", "Guangdong" Zhao4 "," press power on and off Qing ", Hebei" Handan ". In recent years, there has been the rise of Taiwan made equipment, and some enterprises have also imported high-end equipment from Italy, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, which is also the general trend of development

corrugated box experts believe that in China's economically developed regions, the goal of carton machinery in the future will be to develop to high-end. The high-grade domestic equipment will be manufactured by a few companies at present and gradually move towards multi polarization. There is new competition, and users can choose from more manufacturers. Taiwan's "Mingwei" and Taiwan's "yongjinda" in Shenzhen have obviously become active. And in three to five years, high-end equipment from Italy, Germany, the United States and Japan will rush into China in batches. Because the cycle of domestic equipment is generally about five years, after three to five years, China's corrugated box machinery will be fully integrated into internationalization

alpha;/ beta; For the selection of equipment with a transition temperature of 960 ~ 1000 ℃, generally, high-end equipment should be selected if the annual order is more than 50million yuan. If the annual order exceeds 100million yuan, Taiwan equipment can be considered. If the annual order is more than 200million yuan, imported equipment will be considered. Zhangjiagang "tianshidi" lost no time in introducing German production lines when realizing an annual output value of nearly 200 million. With internationally advanced high-end tile lines, it can win orders of 400-500 million in the Shanghai market

III. The standards, specifications and prices of corrugated boxes should be in place

at present, the biggest headache for the director and manager of the carton factory is that there is no unified and strict standards, specifications and prices, and these requirements are in the hands of users. Those who make cartons are always passive and always follow the requirements of users. Unlike in developed countries, standards are unified, and users and processing plants use unified standard boxes; The specifications of cartons are unified. Users can make cartons according to the unified specifications, but the specifications cannot be many. We now have hundreds of carton specifications. Add unnecessary trouble to the machinery and board making of the carton factory. When the business is expanded, several different production lines are needed to meet the demand of multi specification cartons. The carved boards are piled up in a room. Therefore, many carton owners say that cartons are too complicated. When it comes to the price of cartons, it's even more a headache. Users pressed prices, pressing Zhang San and Li Si, and their peers pressed prices "brutally"

China has entered the primary developed countries. Developed countries are our goal. We should learn how developed countries do it


under the national economic environment, the corrugated box industry will inevitably form a unique system according to its own development law. In the period of planned economy, foreign trade dominated the packaging of export goods, and the corrugated box production fixed-point factory of the national foreign trade system was established, which became a unique packaging system. For example, Jiangsu has 23 designated cartons factories, which collectively package the carton packaging of export commodities across the province, forming a planned system. In the market economy, the rise of rural enterprises has gradually replaced the old fixed-point factories and formed an open system. The current corrugated box system is constantly improving. The construction of corrugated box system is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

first, foreign trade, joint ventures and private (private) funded enterprises have become the common development system of corrugated boxes

this is an open body of market economy, and supply exceeds demand in both international and domestic markets. Foreign funded enterprises are an important part of the market economy. With strong strength, high-grade equipment and advanced management, foreign-funded enterprises represent the international level. In China's economically developed regions, its scale level is in a leading position in the same industry. For example, the "Jinhai" in Suzhou, the "Jingxing" in Nanjing and the "tenawang" in Changzhou of corrugated box enterprises represent the international model. Sino foreign joint ventures mainly attract foreign capital, and generally take foreign investment as shares. The Chinese management mode is also developing at a high level. For example, Jiangsu Taizhou Yongsheng paper products company has modernized its equipment due to foreign investment. Private enterprises are a group, representing the foundation of the whole industry, with a wide range and a large number. A small number of private enterprises are also developing towards modern enterprises, competing with foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures, and are expected to become the king of the local industry

the three foreign-funded enterprises of corrugated boxes in China have formed a complete system of development, and none of them can be less. They are not only competing with each other, but also interdependent and common development

II. Disordered comprehensive cooperation system for small and medium-sized enterprises

the corrugated box industry often shows disordered and disordered competition in the industry at the primary stage of development, which is inevitable. The development of the industry is to survive and develop in chaos. The emergence of high-level large enterprises in chaos promotes the development of the whole industry to an advanced stage

in the development of the industry, the formation of a number of large enterprises has led to the specialized division of labor in the corrugated box industry. Corrugated cardboard is produced centrally by the corrugated production lines of large enterprises and distributed to small and medium-sized enterprises to process Cartons, which is a big step towards modernization. Since then, it has created a comprehensive cooperation system for large and medium-sized enterprises, ended the long-term disordered situation, and gradually moved from disordered competition to normal competition, From low-level competition to high-level competition among large enterprises

it must be pointed out that this new system has just begun to take shape, and it is still

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