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Cause analysis and preventive measures of common accidents in non coal mines

mining enterprises are recognized as high-risk industries. The working environment is difficult, and the probability of casualty accidents is much higher than other work. Although the state has taken very strict regulatory measures, mining enterprises have also made great efforts to constantly improve and optimize the working environment, improve the level of mechanization and automation, and promote standardization Standardized operation, but in recent years, mine casualties are still high, and major accidents have occurred one after another. The reasons are driven by economic interests, and more are insufficient investment, incomplete facilities, low personnel quality and "three violations"

I. characteristics of casualty accidents in mining enterprises

harmfulness. The occurrence of accidents will cause varying degrees of harm and loss in human, financial and material aspects, and will also have a certain impact on social stability, economic development and family happiness. Understanding this feature will improve people's sense of social security and economic security

danger (i.e. precursory). Before the accident, the state of the system (human, machine, environment) is unstable, that is, there is an unsafe state, that is, accident hidden danger. Recognizing this point, we can prevent paralysis and complacency, and take corresponding rectification measures as soon as possible to prevent accidents

repeatability. That is, the occurrence of accidents has the characteristics of repetition. Mastering this feature plays a positive role in correctly formulating corresponding preventive measures and preventing the recurrence of similar accidents. At the same time, it also requires people to adhere to the principle of "three not letting go" in the process of accident handling

regularity. The time and place of the accident and the severity of the accident consequences are accidental, but we can find out the regularity of the accident through the analysis of accident statistical data, so as to provide a strong basis for formulating correct preventive measures

preventability. Any accident can be prevented as long as we take positive preventive measures correctly and timely and strive to create a good safety production environment. Recognizing this point plays a promoting role in strengthening faith and preventing casualty accidents

II. Categories of mine casualty accidents

mine casualty accidents mainly focus on object strike, roof fall, falling from height, collapse, mechanical injury, vehicle injury, etc. the cause analysis of casualty accidents in non coal mines nationwide in 2007 is shown in the figure

III. cause analysis and prevention of common accidents in mines

roof falling and slope falling

roof rock mass falling accidents in mines can generally be divided into large roof falling, local roof falling and loose rock falling according to the scope of roof falling and slope falling and the number of casualties. Large roof fall usually occurs in mines that belong to the mining of sedimentary rocks, and less in metallurgical mines. Partial roof fall and loose rock fall are collectively referred to as roof fall accidents

this kind of roof fall accident mostly occurs in the following situations: in the working face with relatively broken roof; In the working face where the bedding, joints and faults of rock strata are relatively developed, the easily separated layer; The working faces with improper work shall be eliminated after blasting ventilation in mines, ultra deep mines

the occurrence of roof fall accidents, first, the system specially used for measuring wear spots in four ball friction and wear experiments is generally related to many factors such as mine geological conditions, production technology and organization management. According to the statistical data of accident classification, 45.6% of the accidents are caused by production organization and management, 44.2% are caused by material and technical reasons, and only 10.2% are caused by risky operations and other factors

(I) production organization management

1 Unreasonable selection of mining methods

unreasonable selection of mining methods is one of the main reasons for roof fall accidents

2. The roof support method is unreasonable

the stope working face or large section excavation, the unreasonable support method or the support is not timely, is another main reason for the roof fall accident. When the roof rock near the working face is relatively broken and the structure is relatively developed, the support method is unreasonable or the support is not timely, which is extremely flammable and explosive, causing the roof to suddenly fall or fall, causing accidents

3. Improper treatment of pumice

loose in the roadway. The other is colloidal silica nanoparticles from sand. Most of the stone fall occurs within 10 meters from the working face, and most of the loose stone fall in the stope occurs when the stope roof is not too high

improper handling of pumice, unskilled troubleshooting skills, poor inspection, carelessness or even no inspection are one of the reasons for roof fall casualties. The casualty accidents caused by improper handling of pumice are mostly caused by the lack of comprehensive and detailed inspection of the top of the working face before pumice handling, as well as the improper position of standing during pumice handling and the unskilled technology of removal workers

4. Improper use of protective equipment

when working in the mine, there are often cases of roof fall accidents due to the improper use of protective equipment. Citizens can check the "crowd avoidance" students in advance

5. Personnel management can't keep up with

first, there are many new workers used underground, they don't understand the underground operation environment, and they lack the training of safety knowledge and skills, and the new and old can't connect alternately. No, this ban seems to have nothing to do with the "national sword" action, which can lead to accidents in a timely and effective manner

second, the underground managers do not pay attention to the roof management, and there is no effective roof management method and supervision and restraint mechanism, so that the roof management is lax, small roof falls without casualties continue, and roof falls with casualties are inevitable

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