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New growth point of European powder coatings

the economic stability and growth of Eastern European countries encourage many large international automobile and consumer durable goods manufacturers to transfer their production facilities there. The market for powder coatings there has now been expanded. According to a new research report, these countries will ensure that the European powder coating will generally increase crops by 15% ⑵ the 5% feed market will enter a stage of sustained growth

although freight transportation increased, the total sales profit of the European powder coating market in 2000 was $1.14 billion, and the annual revenue decreased by 4.5%, mainly due to the decline in prices. The research report predicts that the annual revenue will increase to $1.82 billion by 2007, which means that the cumulative annual growth rate will reach 7%. It is necessary to exit the software before closing the equipment. Polyester products need to be re compatible to remove the TGIC previously used as a crosslinking agent, because it will be banned in Europe

this situation, coupled with competition from the Asia Pacific region, means that the market situation has shifted, which is conducive to large manufacturers who can spend money on research and development, and leads to the emergence of a number of acquisitions of enterprises, in order to improve the technical level and expand the geographical scope

as explained by the manager of the Chemical Research Department of Frost & Sullivan, powder coatings have steadily occupied the entire coating market. The European Directive on volatile organic compounds emission limits the emission of factory solvents, which makes many new powder coating devices in Europe have superior conditions for development

another rising field is powder coatings used in the automotive industry but still at a high level. Acrylic resin has been used in several applications in this industry. Acrylic powder transparent coating used as external protective coating of passenger cars is expected to grow rapidly. The centralized commencement ceremony of key projects in Suining in the second quarter of 2017 was held in Shehong County of the city

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