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Xinhan strong attack industrial IOT won the accelerated innovation technology award

on September 10, in the United States, at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Xinhan won the accelerated innovation technology award of the best industrial solution category (technology innovator accel, in a comprehensive view, SEM effect is the most obvious). It stood out in many competitions and was also the only Taiwan company to win the award. The industrial automation solutions that Xinhan participated in the award competition, based on Intel Moon Island software, further highly integrated the software and hardware for industrial control, including data collection and monitoring (SCADA) software and Rockwell's PLC. At the forum site, the solutions that can take into account the actual industrial applications and the needs of IOT will be displayed on a real machine, opening a new title page for the industrial IOT

in order to meet and realize the industrial IOT, new Han specially built a NiFe 100 industrial computer, using Intel Atom e3826 processor, and based on Intel Moon Island software, successfully integrated the software and hardware equipment of industrial automation, displayed the solutions that meet the needs of industrial automation control in IDF, and sent the collected data to the cloud to become effective information that helps decision makers. For example, Xinhan NiFe 100 can read two different communication protocols, Modbus TCP and PROFINET, profitbus, ethernet/ip, DeviceNet or EtherCAT. When one can read two programming languages that are not interconnected, it can speed up the exchange of data and the transmission of instructions, and improve production efficiency. In addition, Xinhan NiFe 100 integrates Rockwell PLC, indusoft data collection and monitoring software, Microsoft OPC server software, etc. by measuring the reduction of density (or the reduction of coating thickness) before and after friction, IDF participants can see that the innovative application is close to the market stage, not just the blueprint vision

linhongzhou, general manager of Xinhan industrial computer business department, said: "Xinhan NiFe 100 industrial control function achieves the integration of two most important applications. First, industrial automation control is a closed loop control. After issuing instructions, it must finally be fed back to the industrial control computer to ensure that the managed i/o equipment operates according to the instructions, but NiFe largely relies on technical strength. 1 according to Lin Ke, 00 also provides open connection function to send all the collected data to the cloud. Second, through data cloud, The originally closed information can now be read synchronously at the enterprise end and the production end, which is of great help to production and manufacturing decisions. "

in addition to NiFe 100, Xinhan also demonstrated the industrial smart gateway NiO 100 at IDF. NiO 100 adopts Intel quark processor, which can not only collect data, but also preliminarily summarize the data before uploading it to the cloud, reducing the load of host analysis data. NiO 100, which is also designed on the premise of realizing the industrial IOT, can also read two different communication protocols on one machine and connect the two channels of communication. At the same time, NiO 100 also has built-in xcare 3.0 remote monitoring software developed by Xinhan to detect the operation status of all equipment, so as to ensure that relevant personnel can be immediately notified to maintain and eliminate potential crises before equipment abnormalities occur, reduce the frequency of downtime, and optimize the plant capacity

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