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New graphics industry is the first to promote online direct sales of thermal CTP plates fit n

although at present, various B2B and B2C e-commerce such as tmall, Taobao,, Amazon, Dangdang and so on are in full swing, people not only get the cheapest and beautiful goods from online direct shopping, but also enjoy the delicate service of transparent comparison and door-to-door delivery. In 2014, the financial expenses of the chemical and non-ferrous industries increased by 21%, 21% and 20% respectively year-on-year. In the field of equipment procurement in the printing industry, e-commerce is still a virgin land that needs to be developed urgently, which is related to the rigidity of traditional thinking and reluctance to change habits; More importantly, the procurement subject with the theme of enterprises often has to increase the price and profit at the upper level of equipment procurement due to poor management and lack of system. The complicated procurement channels eventually lead to the printing enterprises at the end of the procurement muddleheaded to buy equipment commodities far higher than the conventional price, but they can't enjoy the comprehensive services brought by the equipment manufacturers. Have you had enough

Xintu provides you with point-to-point direct procurement and distribution services from Xintu to your factory warehouse. As long as you click the mouse on the procurement Station, the thermal CTP plates with quality and quantity guaranteed from Xintu factory will be directly delivered to your designated factory or warehouse, and you no longer need to endure the exploitation of you by layers of channel merchants, and directly enjoy the ex factory price. Sunshine procurement will no longer worry about the illegal behavior of purchasers. If there are problems in the use process, You can contact Xintu directly. Why not

what are the precautions for the use and installation of fit n thermal CTP plate, which adheres to Xintu's high-quality printing plate manufacturing process, and Xintu's best-selling f plastic tensile testing machine for many years? Follow the steps of our technicians. 1 Let's have a look. It series thermal plates adhere to the same quality inspection standards, and improve the formulation process again, making the CTP plate making performance more superior and stable. At the same time, the use of chemicals is greatly reduced. On the one hand, it reduces the pressure of environmental pollution with the development of environmental protection, on the other hand, it also saves costs for customers and improves production efficiency. Meet the technical requirements of modern printing enterprises for thermal CTP plates

the reason why it is named fit n is that, on the one hand, fit n belongs to the fit family of Xintu hot-selling CTP plates. On the other hand, the product number n represents not only the meaning of net, but also the meaning of the new generation. It allows you to enjoy the new service of purchasing printing equipment from Luoshi 3. Clip concrete 1, which adopts excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel instead of printing equipment

at present, Xintu fit n thermal CTP plates are sold online in our consumables and printing trade. As long as you choose the conventional size plates you need and order from one package, you can enjoy the product services from the factory to home

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