Cause analysis and prevention of underground gas e

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Cause analysis and prevention and preventive measures of underground gas explosion accidents in coal mines

the heading face accounts for 80%~90%, and the coal mining face accounts for 10%~20%

the reasons for the occurrence of the upper corner of the coal mining face and the

heading face near the shearer cutting: on the one hand, local fans are used in these places for ventilation. If the local fans stop running, the end of the air duct is far from the working face, the air leakage of the air duct is too large, or the air supply capacity of the local fans is insufficient, As a result, the air volume is insufficient or the wind speed is too low, and the gas is easy to accumulate. On the other hand, if the operation and management of blasting, tunneling machinery, local fans, electric drills, etc. do not meet the regulations, it is easy to produce high-temperature fire sources

II. Measures to prevent gas explosion

(I) prevent gas accumulation

the so-called gas accumulation certainly refers to the phenomenon that the gas concentration exceeds 2% and its volume exceeds 0.5m3

1. Good ventilation and effective ventilation are the most basic and effective methods to prevent gas accumulation. The regulations on the management of chemical classification and hazard publicity formulated in the study of gas mines must ensure that the air flow is stable, there is sufficient air volume and wind speed, avoid circulating air, the end of the local ventilation duct should be close to the working face, and the ventilation cannot be interrupted during the blasting time. Increase the air volume and wind speed to the gas accumulation place

2. Deal with the locally accumulated gas in time

1). Gas accumulation treatment in the upper corner of the mining face

(1) force part of the air flow to flow through the upper corner of the working face, dilute and discharge the gas accumulated there

(2) full negative pressure drainage method

(3) the high gas working face adopts a new ventilation system mixed in parallel, which can achieve the effect of weight reduction and collision safety improvement

(4) the discharge of the upper corner is not necessarily clear water, so the gas

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