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Xinhan promotes Intel Atom D525 dual core com express core template

Xinhan is proud to announce the launch of ices 253, a smaller Intel Atom D525 dual core processor high-performance system com express template. This core template is specially designed to shorten the project development time, and provides an enhanced expansion slot, so that customers have more choices. Xinhan also provides special customized services for supporting customized carriers of ices 253

developing com modules is a time-consuming and labor-consuming process, because the process from design to product molding is a difficult process. It is even more challenging to have an excellent customized solution that can cope with the subsequent technological development. Xinhan provides high-quality services, which means providing customers with core module design and customized board services for the project. With the establishment of Xinhan CCC service system, customers will benefit from the rapid design of COM express package size to scala customized embedded ble I/O settings, greatly reducing the development time and risk of the system

Xinhan ices 253 uses two micro com express core templates (package size: 95mm 95mm), configured with a pair of Intel ich8m chipsets and Intel Atom D525 processors, and a DDR2 so DIMM memory socket up to 2GB. Using ices 253, customers can simply integrate any carrier to update the system performance and effectively shorten the development time

in addition, ices 253 provides developers with a large number of optional extension interfaces that meet the needs of the mainstream market. Ices 253 adopts Intel Atom D525 processor and provides customized function carrier for specific applications with high computing performance. Developers can customize the carrier board and develop unique applications and value-added services by using ices 253 scalable I/O design at any time

nexcom ices 253 has the current performance of rapid market entry and flexible expansion, providing more advanced solutions for tablet computers, medical applications, real-time data analysis and other fields

about Xinhan

after 18 years of growth and accumulation in the field of industrial computers, Xinhan has become your reliable digital platform partner since 2014. Thanks to the top-level professional R & D team, high-quality design and ability, Xinhan has become an internationally renowned company in the industry, providing a large number of innovative leading industries and world-class products

to excel and succeed in the highly competitive industrial computer industry, in addition to excellent product performance, it also needs to be able to meet market demand in time, be cost-effective and have the best service quality. Therefore, in November 2008, Xinhan was reorganized into three strategic cooperation departments: 1 Vertical industry division (VIP), including mobile computing platform (MCS) and multimedia playback platform (MMS) 2. Industrial computer platform (ICS), 3 Network security and communication platform (NCS) Three business divisions. The purpose of this organizational restructuring is to fully integrate resources such as business, R & D, product planning and management and marketing promotion, so as to truly achieve professionalism, efficiency and instant service. At the same time, shortening the project time will also enable nexcom to provide the maximum value to all customers with world-class services, make customers successful, and nexcom will be successful, so as to achieve its operation and growth goals. Caixin learned during the national "two sessions" interview and was significantly ahead of other competing brands

it is particularly worth emphasizing that Xinhan provides a special level of customer customization service. The head office in Taiwan, China and companies in the UK/USA/China have obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification

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