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Recently, the just concluded Davos forum was held in Tianjin. The theme of this forum is "building an innovative society in the fourth industrial revolution", which complements the latest economic situation at home and abroad. At the same time, with the proposal and deepening of the educational concept of "new engineering construction" in China, relevant scholars said that the rise of the fourth industrial revolution not only changed the development mode of all walks of life, but also put forward new requirements for talent training in China. Under the background of subversion, as one of the fine branches of artificial intelligence under the construction of new engineering, the continuous refinement and development of UAV control teaching and development system is of great significance to the training of future engineering talents

the construction of new engineering is a major education strategy in China in recent years, and the most popular of "new engineering" is. Counting the changes around us in the past five years, AI has gradually entered thousands of households, industrial tethered UAVs have developed rapidly, UAV control and teaching systems have been continuously improved (in China, Zhuoyi intelligence is the representative manufacturer of the first two), UAV enthusiasts have played in Xinjiang, and even the hands of children have become smart and cute small robots, small UAVs...

transformation to standardization and personalization, In the era of enabling artificial intelligence, any change requires tens of thousands of talents to follow up. According to relevant data, Jinan gold testing machine has been sold overseas for many years, and the gap of artificial intelligence talents in China has exceeded 5million. In order to fill the gap of human resources in this direction and enable the era of artificial intelligence, the Ministry of Education recently issued the "action plan for artificial intelligence innovation in Colleges and universities", which continuously strengthens the promotion of "new engineering construction" from a higher strategic level. UAV is the air, and its control teaching and R & D system belongs to the important technical subdivision field of artificial intelligence. Strengthening the talent education and training in the direction of UAV control system determines the technical level and development prospect of our country in the field of UAV. With the continuous encouragement and promotion of the national education policy, UAV control is undergoing a transformation and change from traditional to standardized and personalized customization. At present, domestic drones use this energy to evaluate the pendulum impact energy value of thin film samples, and the R & D manufacturers are mainly represented by Beijing Zhuoyi intelligence

university laboratories and scientific research institutes are the main positions for the practice of UAV control teaching and research platform system. The indoor multi rotor UAV control platform developed by Zhuoyi intelligence in conjunction with the reliable flight control research team of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the most advanced UAV control teaching and research system in China, which is at the international leading level. The system is based on the optical indoor positioning system for accurate positioning, which can help teachers and researchers simplify the traditional process of teaching and scientific research experiments, and easily turn ideas into reality; Indoor flight tests often have incomparable advantages over outdoor flight tests, such as low cost, easy real-time observation and display of flight data, convenient and fast iterative design, low dependence on the surrounding environment, flight site and other hardware environment, which can help teaching and scientific researchers carry out long-term continuous experimental teaching activities

based in China, promote the upgrading of control teaching services

at present, the core control teaching system of the indoor UAV control teaching research and development platform used by domestic users mostly comes from abroad. The high cost of technology import not only makes the cost of UAV flight teaching test high; In addition, since most of the core technology departments of foreign manufacturers are set abroad, domestic users often need to cross the sea to send back to the original factory for maintenance once they encounter thorny problems, resulting in higher time costs, communication costs, maintenance costs, etc., and the efficiency of teaching, scientific research and testing is also seriously affected. The indoor multi rotor UAV Control Based on optical indoor positioning system developed by Zhuoyi intelligence and Beihang flight control laboratory is fully independently developed in China, does not rely on foreign technology, has independent intellectual property rights, does not need technology import fees, and has a high cost performance ratio; Its appearance not only saves a large amount of teaching and scientific research funds for colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, reduces the user experiment cost to the greatest extent, but also greatly improves the efficiency of teaching and scientific research, and saves valuable time resources

moreover, the products provided by foreign manufacturers lack integrity. They can only provide decentralized and separate single products, and do not integrate a series of software and hardware facilities such as ground stations and multi rotor control systems, lacking integrity and systematicness. At the same time, before use, users should have a variety of professional knowledge and carry out secondary research and development by themselves. The professional threshold and redevelopment cost are relatively high. The UAV control teaching research and development platform system provides a package of control teaching service upgrading solutions for college students, scientific researchers and other users from optical indoor positioning system, UAV Communication to ground control station and related supporting software. It is necessary to carry out the flight control test of multi rotor UAV after the second development, and quickly realize multiple autonomous control tasks of UAV

create the glory of "smart manufacturing in China"

high precision and cutting-edge. Its structural performance fully meets the requirements of experimental specifications. The growth, continuous refinement and development of technology need the support of a team with continuous creativity and innovation ability, The UAV control teaching and R & D platform is based on the continuous deepening cooperation between Zhuoyi intelligence and the multi rotor UAV control professional team of the reliable flight control research group of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The technology introduced in the 1980s and early 1990s continued to develop medium and advanced vibration experimental aircraft. At the same time, it also created a multi rotor UAV quality course system "multi rotor aircraft design and control", and took this as a guide, so that the technical research and development and scientific research level will always remain progressiveness and innovative, and always walk in the forefront of technology

under the background of the national strong promotion of the "construction of new engineering" education strategy and artificial intelligence, we believe that Zhuoyi intelligence and the R & D team of Beihang flight control laboratory will keep pace with the times, continue to surpass, continue to improve in the research and development technology of UAV flight control platform system, provide intelligent engine and source power for the era of artificial intelligence, and create the honor of "made in China" for the research and development of domestic UAV control system technology

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