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Ge: advertising strategy of a B2B enterprise editor's note: GE's ideal way is that one day, a potential customer's child will also mention when surfing, "Dad, come and see, GE's advertising is really fun." This kind of communication is exactly what Ge wants

an enterprise that was once frequently recognized as operating household appliances and lighting, spent a lot of money to buy a large number of airport advertising spaces. In a few years, misunderstandings began to decrease, and people began to gradually understand its business scope

money is spent on the blade

as long as you wait at airports such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, you can notice the continuous Ge advertisements in the airport corridor bridge with a little attention

although there are some industrial enterprises that advertise, few companies like it spend a lot of money to buy many airport advertising spaces

in 2004, with the slogan of "dream to start the future", Ge spent millions of dollars on airport highways, airport automatic doors, corridor bridges and Air China Flights nationwide to put advertisements

many people think this is just a short-term behavior of Ge. But unexpectedly, it took more than five years to do this

in fact, it is Ge headquarters in the United States that really advocates advertising. At that time, Jeff Immelt, who succeeded Welch as the chairman of Ge, decided to allocate $100million to the advertising department to advertise all over the world under the pressure of some colleagues, which caused quite a stir in the industry

li Guo, director of public relations of Ge, said that from 2005 to 2009, GE was found in airports, high-end media and taxis in nine cities including three major cities (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) and six provincial capitals in China

however, due to limited funds, Ge took "airport" as a key launch area at the early stage of formulating advertising strategy. "Ge's main customers are enterprise decision makers and government officials. They travel a lot. This kind of focus can deepen their impression of Ge."

what should we say to promote the demonstration and utilization of the first (set) major technical equipment

"what are we going to say through advertising?" This is the initial question of Ge advertising planners

in a market survey in 2004, the staff found that many consumers did not know much about GE. "Those who produce light bulbs" and "those who sell refrigerators and televisions" have once again strengthened their determination to advertise in the Chinese market

so the first step is to tell everyone "what does Ge do". This is very similar to the characteristics of BtoC advertising. We should outline the products clearly and concisely

in the advertisement, Ge talks about environmental protection in an easy to understand way, talking about water treatment, wind energy, solar energy, biogas power generation, and clearly let the audience know that GE is the enterprise selling these devices

moreover, the advertising adopted by Ge is overwhelming, because the continuous and uninterrupted form of advertising will be more popular than erecting a sign in a corner of the airport alone

in fact, the decision to launch advertisements in the Chinese market from 2004 is not a "chaos war"

in the four years from 2004 to 2008, China's stadiums and gymnasiums were under construction, and public facilities also needed more equipment. It was necessary to tighten the screws on the ground, and Ge needed to seize the opportunity to sell products

through advertising, Ge can make many people remember it and improve their reputation. In August, 2008, GE announced that it had earned $1.7 billion in Olympic sports, partly due to advertising

"in addition to promoting products, we also try our best to make advertisements appear beautiful and good-looking." Li Guowei said, "only with a sense of picture and feeling can people be impressive and easy to convey the brand's ideas."

therefore, many advertisements of Ge usually combine natural scenery with products

New Media Marketing

in 2008, a survey for enterprise decision makers and government officials showed the effect of GE's advertising strategy

88% of the respondents are enterprise decision makers who have a good impression of Ge; The number of people who know that GE is an environmental protection company has reached 83%, which is a great improvement over previous years

but this is obviously not enough. "The cities covered by our advertisements are obviously insufficient, and we are also exploring new advertising models other than print." Li Guowei said

at the end of 2008, Ge launched a new set of online advertisements -- the two protagonists Wang Li and Li Bang briefly and popularly demonstrated GE's various businesses and cutting-edge technologies

broadcast locations include more than 3000 LCD screens located in office buildings, 2000 taxis in Beijing, 4000 taxis in Shanghai and domestic flights of Air China

people can also browse the blogs of the two heroes and chat with them on Kaixin, campus and Facebook

"the reason why we launch such advertisements is that we find that the behavior of government officials and enterprise decision makers is constantly changing, and their opportunities and time to contact new media are increasing." Li Guowei said

in his opinion, online advertising has a wide range of forms

ge's ideal way is that one day, when a potential customer's child is surfing, he will also mention, "Dad, come and see, GE's ads are really fun." This kind of communication is exactly what Ge wants

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