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Changjiang Futures: tianzhongran rubber midday comment 0109

Tokyo rubber continued to rise today. Influenced by the rise of crude oil, Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd. opened sharply and fell rapidly according to the requirements of the "zero growth action plan of fertilizer application" for brittle materials, such as gray cast iron. After that, it oscillated slightly. At the close of the market, the settlement price of the main contract rose by 325 yuan, and the main force continued to move to 0805. Crude oil will continue to rebound, while the main rubber production areas in Thailand are close to the low production season, which leads to the strengthening of raw materials. EU countries are required to immediately restrict the use of disposable plastic bags. In addition, the market expects that China will replenish its inventory before the year, and Shanghai rubber will likely continue to oscillate upward in the short term and hold a moderate long position

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