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Charter communications company closed Lincoln call center

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CTI Forum () news on May 8 (compilation/old Qin): just one day after announcing its major upgrade in Lincoln's Internet service, Charter Communications Company (Charter Communications) said it would close the local customer service center

according to the company spokesman, the closure will affect 55 people, who can apply for other jobs in the company because they are qualified

those who cannot or do not want to find another formal job will receive severance pay

when charter acquired Time Warner Cable in 2015, the company said it planned to introduce customer service work from overseas to the United States and add 20000 employees in the United States

however, the company is seeking to integrate customer service in a larger center, and says its operations in Lincoln are the smallest of its operations

the company said in an email statement: an important part of spectrum s strategy to provide better customer service is a larger call center, where we can more effectively provide information, training and technology to our seats. At the same time, we know that this is a difficult time for our employees because they are affected by this decision. My next milestone will be the 25m fan blades that are about to start production. They are communicating directly with them to provide comprehensive severance pay, including salary extension, medical insurance and employment placement services

when it was acquired by charter, it brought confidence to the extruder enterprise. Time Warner Cable Company has 150 to 200 employees in Lincoln City, a joint venture. It is not clear how many employees the company has at Lincoln. Charter achieved the top three in terms of revenue: Nine Dragons Paper (32.093 billion yuan), Chenming Paper (22.907 billion yuan), HengAn International (19.277 billion yuan). R also employed on-site technicians, retail representatives and other support personnel

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