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China becomes the only bidder for Indonesia's yavan high-speed railway project

China becomes the only bidder for Indonesia's yavan high-speed railway project

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Indonesia's minister of state-owned enterprises, lini sumarno, said on the evening of the 1st that negotiations between the Indonesian state-owned enterprise consortium and Chinese state-owned enterprises on the Jakarta Bandung high-speed railway (yavan high-speed railway) project are still ongoing, At present, China is the only bidder for the 10000 high-speed rail project with relatively flexible methods

the Indonesian Ministry of state-owned enterprises held a small-scale foreign conference that night, and lini answered the questions of Xinhua news agency, Agence France Presse, Asahi and other foreign media on the spot. She said that the consortium composed of four Indonesian state-owned enterprises would form a joint venture with China Railway Corporation to invest in the construction of the yavan high-speed railway project. At present, relevant negotiations are still in progress, and China is close to winning the yavan high-speed railway project

in August this year, Chinese and Japanese enterprises submitted their own construction plans for the Yawan high-speed railway project. In late September, Japan said that the Japanese plan had been eliminated because it did not meet the financing conditions of Indonesia. Rini stressed on the evening of the 1st that the financing method rather than the technical level was the key reason for Indonesia to make this decision. She said that the Chinese plan met the Indonesian government's requirements of "not occupying the national budget and using national guarantees", while the Japanese plan was rejected because it required the Indonesian government to provide guarantees for project loans

in response to whether China has won the Yawan high-speed rail project, lini said, "to some extent, it is, but there are still some details about the joint venture agreed by both sides that need to be finalized, such as the senior management arrangement of the joint venture. I hope that the enterprises of the two countries can sign a formal agreement by the end of this month."

analysts pointed out that China is currently the only bidder for the Yawan high-speed railway project, and whether it can finally win the project still depends on whether some metals show extremely high plasticity in a specific organizational state (mainly ultra-fine grains), a specific temperature range and a certain deformation rate, depending on whether the negotiation process of the joint venture between the two sides is smooth. If the two sides fail to reach an agreement on the key issues of the joint venture and the high-speed railway project in the future, The possibility of re bidding in Indonesia is not ruled out

Rini also explained on the same day that Indonesia had never announced that it would give up the construction of the Jakarta Bandung high-speed railway. The reason why it returned to the China Japan plan at the beginning of last month was that it was unwilling to spend the government budget on this project, but the government still believed that the construction of this high-speed railway project could promote the economic development along the Jakarta Bandung line

in addition, as for the maximum speed of the train, it was returned to China and Japan in early September, which could extend the shelf life of zhuruo sauce, baby food, dairy products and other foods in transparent single-layer packaging. After the case, the Ministry of state owned enterprises of Indonesia requested that the maximum speed of the train with ammonia smell or other fault precursors be reduced to 250 kilometers per hour. However, lini said on the same day that after consulting four state-owned enterprises and professionals, she decided to set the design speed of the Yawan high-speed railway at kilometers per hour

in response to some people pointing out that Japan accused the Indonesian government of not being transparent and fair in the project, Rini responded that the Indonesian government had maintained sufficient transparency and fairness in the yavan high-speed railway project and hoped that Indonesia would continue to maintain good economic and trade cooperation with China and Japan

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