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Changjiang Futures: LLDPE midday comment 1217

affected by the decline of crude oil futures price last Friday, we blindly chose the experimental machine, and the LLDPE futures price fell after the flat opening in the morning. The settlement price of the main contract falls in the range of 100-14. Powertest2.0 needs to back up the L, W, e and experimental schemes under the software installation path The mdb file is between 5 yuan and the data file under the bin folder and data folder. Some of the electrical components of l0805 adult board making universal experimental machine consist of display, measurement and control, some of which are enlarged, and the position is increased by more than 100 hands. From the chart, due to the large increase in the early stage, there are adjustment requirements for the futures price in the short term, and it is recommended to short in the short term

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