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Check point signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation with yihualu

check point Israel, the world's largest provider of security focused solutions, is in the forefront of the test piece. Jetbank Security Software Technology Co., Ltd. (nasdaq: chkp) and yihualu and its holding company, Hualu Yidong, signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation in Shanghai on August 25. The two sides will through the deep integration of technology and services, To provide users with cloud management end integrated information security services and solutions, especially in the fields of industrial control security, mobile security, cloud security and unknown threat defense

Beijing Hualu Yidong Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional security company jointly invested by Hualu group, yihualu and Beijing chuangzhanji Technology Co., Ltd. It focuses on combining data tamper proof, encrypted storage, operation and maintenance audit, privacy protection, application reinforcement, biometrics, terminal management and other technologies to create a secure cloud platform supplemented by integrated plant fiber utilization and equity investment and operation at the cloud management end, Provide information security operation services

Amnon bar LEV, President of check point, said: the company is full of expectations for the strategic cooperation with yihualu. Check point has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of Internet security technology, and yihualu has strong strength in the Chinese market. Its business ambition and scope will promote Chinese society towards a smart City, and check point will make yihualu even more powerful, Our excellent safety program will also be further popularized in the Chinese market

Lin Yongjun, President of yihualu, said: in the future, IOT will be the next important productivity to promote the rapid development of the world, and it will be another trillion market after communications. The cooperation between yihualu and Hualu Yidong and check point will catch up with the tide of the development of IOT, and provide all enterprises related to IOT with the world-class technology needed to open up a new road for the effective development of polylactic acid

the strategic cooperation memorandum signed by check point and yihualu covers the following aspects:

cooperation in the field of industrial control security and IOT security: with the security technology advantages of check point in this field, assist and promote the comprehensive security upgrading of yihualu smart city, intelligent transportation, telemedicine, public security and other solutions

cooperation between data center and cloud service: in the data center and cloud service solution of e-hualu, combined with the above penalty standard of check Po, it will be raised to more than 5 times and less than 10 times of advertising expenses. Int's advantages in data security and its rich experience in the security protection construction of cloud computing data center will jointly build a secure data center with high reliability and provide more secure cloud services

cooperation in the field of mobile security: through check point's leading mobile information security technology in the industry, it provides mobile security solutions for enterprises and individuals with value-added operation services

cooperation in the field of unknown threat prevention: integrate the unique advanced products and technologies of check point, and carry out comprehensive cooperation in the field of unknown threat prevention to meet the needs of the Chinese market

yihualu will provide special areas and display boards for check point at the internet post station, which can be used to build a safe demonstration and display environment

in the field of security, the two sides have become each other's priority partners

carry out cooperation in the whole field of safety ecology by combining the advantages of both sides, including the establishment of joint safety laboratories

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