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The home decoration industry is a profiteering industry in the eyes of ordinary consumers, because many consumers are not very proficient in the quality of home decoration materials, but blindly listen to the introduction of the store's shopping guides or promoters. Even if they buy high-quality products, the price is very considerable. So for home decoration, everyone is holding a state of mind of staying at a respectful distance. In fact, as long as you pay more attention to some home decoration industry magazine introductions, expert introductions or home decoration cases of netizens, and slowly accumulate experience, you will be confident when you need home decoration. Here, Simba flooring introduces you how to choose flooring

after you have a general understanding of the basic classification, you can choose the types according to the specific needs of the family

① don't be credulous about false certification

health is the essence. The biggest killer of decorative materials is free formaldehyde. The damage of materials that exceed environmental protection standards to human body can range from dizziness and nausea to leukemia and other malignant diseases. Therefore, the most important thing for environmental protection is to choose flooring accessories for full environmental protection, depending on whether the flooring has China environmental label certification. Simba flooring has always been focused on environmental protection. In the production process, it has been measured by the standards of iso9001iso14001 certification and ten ring certification. At the same time, it will be regularly sent to the national authority for floor testing, and the product quality of the company will be measured by the official balance

② don't just try to be cheap

composite wood flooring itself is a high-tech product, and why is there a floor of 29 yuan per square meter on the market? Good Floor wear-resistant layer generally uses imported solid aluminum oxide of more than 45 grams, and the wear resistance reaches above AC3; The secondary floor uses about 20 grams of domestic wear-resistant layer, or even no wear-resistant layer; The decorative layer of the secondary floor is fuzzy and fake. Long term exposure to the sun will fade; Good floor core material has high and uniform density, long pure wood fiber, low formaldehyde emission, moisture-proof and no deformation; The core material of the sub floor is mostly miscellaneous wood short fiber and has a large amount of bark, resulting in the core material blackening, low density and uneven, requiring a large amount of glue bonding, so the formaldehyde release is seriously over the standard, and it is easy to deform and bulge in case of moisture

in today's market dominated society, convenient online shopping, one-stop shopping and other new shopping modes fill the market, but due to the lack of sufficient regulatory authorities, the market price is disordered. As the saying goes: one price, one goods, but there are always many people who hope that one penny can buy ten goods. Simba flooring reminds you that you can't be deceived by the gimmicks of some small vendors, especially home decoration, Related to their own vital interests, we should choose manufacturers with brands and credibility




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