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Huiya information and home hotline, as strategic cooperation media, reported the whole process of the 2015 Guangzhou Construction Expo. Huang Weiguo, vice president of sieneman, was interviewed by the home hotline

home hotline reported that from July 8 to 11, 2015, Guangzhou Construction Expo was held in Pazhou, Guangzhou. Huiya information and home hotline, as strategic cooperation media, reported the whole process of this Construction Expo. Huang Weiguo, vice president of sieneman, said in an exclusive interview with reporters from home hotline and China wardrobe that the core of sieneman's marketing model is "wide, deep, high and fast", that is, in terms of the breadth of outlets, the breadth of brand promotion, the depth of channel sinking, and the in-depth excavation of product quality and functions

on site interview guests: Huang Weiguo, vice president of Guangzhou sieneman home furnishing Co., Ltd.

dealers all over the country gathered in sieneman exhibition hall to witness sieneman style

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. Huang, what are the characteristics of sieneman exhibition hall at this year's Guangzhou Construction Expo

Mr. Huang: schneiman has been focusing on the customization field for 13 years. We have our own business ideas and cultural accumulation. Naturally, we have made adequate preparations for this exhibition. In terms of the overall presentation and style of the exhibition hall, it is very fashionable and tasteful. If the enterprise can't even do its own exhibition hall well, it will certainly not be able to provide good solutions for consumers

home hotline: what new products did sieneman launch in this exhibition? What are the characteristics

president Huang: we have brought schneiman wardrobe and schneiman doors and windows. First of all, schneiman wardrobe is not only a wardrobe product, but also a wine cabinet, bookcase, bed, dining table, bar, tatami and so on. For example, in a 16 square meter space, we used to have only one bed and one table in a 16 square meter space. If tatami is used, it can be a bed, a desk, an entertainment room, a bookcase, or a wine cabinet. Therefore, at least eight functions can be realized in a space of 16 square meters

schneiman's products can effectively solve the problem of insufficient per capita living space in modern cities and maximize the use of space. The selection of raw materials, accessories and equipment of schneiman's products is the best in China and even in the world. For example, German guide rails and Austrian hinges are the sources of material selection for our products. Objectively speaking, these enterprises are leading in these fields. The products made of high-quality materials are naturally of high quality and high added value, which is also the embodiment of our corporate value and social value. It is also our insistence over the past 13 years. I believe we will do better and have higher standards in the future

In the exhibition hall of sieneman, dealers appreciate sieneman's products

Home hotline: at present, many home enterprises are developing new marketing models such as e-commerce and o2o in order to stand out from the siege under the severe situation. How did schneiman break through the siege

Mr. Huang: the customer experience of customized products is the first, and the marketing mode and communication channel are secondary. I think we should form a territory in the field of customization and do a good job in quality on the basis of completion. I have a view that "what you wish to see is what you get", "wish" is your vision and what you want to do. For example, your wish is to have a prince charming; "See" is that you take me as a template to find a handsome guy; "Income" is that you give me a hundred points, so do you give prince charming a higher score? The higher the reputation of the market, the higher the customer experience satisfaction provided by the product. Many enterprises can't do this. Some enterprises stumbled reluctantly, but the quality is very low, and Schneider Mann has been insisting

Schneider Mann sales carefully explained the specific material and manufacturing process of products to dealers

home hotline: then, how did Schneider Mann innovate in terms of marketing mode

Mr. Huang: speaking of marketing mode, the core of Schneider Mann is "wide, deep, high and fast", that is, the breadth of outlets and brand promotion; The depth of channel sinking will deeply excavate the quality and function of products. If the product intelligence becomes popular; There are also three aspects: the height of the brand. As you can see, I think our exhibition hall is still tall and tasteful, which is also tall. The development of customized enterprises should have their own nodes, and the development speed of enterprises also needs to be controlled. Our growth rate reached 100% last year, 70% last year and 40% this year. Customization has no inventory. Production workers can't stand too many orders, and workers can't stand no income without orders. Our 100% growth in 2013 caused great difficulties for our defense. Previously, the delivery time was 12 days. At that time, it took one month and 40 days. Some brands in the industry accepted a large number of orders and digested it for a year

schneiman also has its own e-commerce platform and its own online store on tmall. Combined with offline product experience, we can provide perfect and thoughtful services to consumers. Don't regard the Internet as magical and deify it. The essence of "Internet +" is a tool. Enterprises need to keep up with this kind of thinking before they can control and apply it to practical marketing. In the final analysis, manufacturing enterprises need to be able to provide consumers with the best products, and the other is the problem of channels

Huang Weiguo, vice president of sieneman, accepted an exclusive interview with the home hotline on the theme of "foresight? Home"

Home hotline: then, how does sieneman use the Internet and how does it operate in the development of the enterprise

president Huang: in terms of enterprise operation, I also have four words, "Dao, FA, Shu, Qi". The Internet is between "law" and "art". Building an electronic mall is all about "technology". Because schneiman also has its own marketing channels, cooperative customers, dealers, etc. In January this year, we also signed many partners, and many industry giants invested in Schneider Mann. Next, schneiman will also invest in advertising in high-speed rail and media, so that the publicity channels can reach the whole network coverage. Tao is the corporate culture and core concept, which will not be easily changed. What I want to do is "method, technique, device, method". How to standardize the "method", product innovation the "device", launch better products at each stage, and cross these. This year I have achieved 80 points in this regard, and I hope to achieve 85 points next year

home hotline: what development plans does schneiman have next

president Huang: this year I sent two groups of teams to Europe, one is the Milan exhibition in April, and the other is to Hannover and Cologne. Next year, we will also take the dealers of the 80 member group to Europe to cultivate international vision. When you have such a vision, you can review yourself and give the exhibition 80 points this year. I hope it will be 85 points next year and 90 points the next year. If there is such a mentality, the brand will surely grow. First, I have goals. Second, I'm really working hard. Third, I have a time node and I'm really doing things. There is also a reason why schneiman can provide good products and services for terminals




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